Tsurumi Diffuser issues
  • kolampkolamp September 2014
    Posts: 222
    Hi all koikichis,

    Got problem recently where my tsurumi air Diffuser producing bigger bubbles on 1 side not fine bubble along the diffuser. It happens after 8 months of usage. Took out to clean & it become worse after that. Anybody having same issues as mine?

    Any solution or just buy new diffuser? An expensive diffuser but cant last long enough sighhhhh :'(
  • urbaneffectsurbaneffects September 2014
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    Is it the tube diffuser, long type? Any pics?

    Sound like clog up.. If its the same type. I have experience with it.
  • kolampkolamp September 2014
    Posts: 222
    Hi urbaneffects,

    Yes long tube type. Pics taken from this forum but same diffuser.

    How do you solve the clog issues?

    www.koianswers.com/discussion/download/16217/Tube Diffuser.jpg
  • urbaneffectsurbaneffects September 2014
    Posts: 134
    ok First of all, this diffuser do not normally clog if u have strong blower pushing the air
    through 24 hours a day. however, if u switch off the air blower, u must immediately take the diffuser out because the solid particles will clog it in few days.

    Once clog, susah already. Nor matter how u wash it, still the same. So,

    1. The 2 metal clips had to be taken off.
    2. Dismantle the rubber and clean from inside out. Need stong detergent and many time rinsing.
    3. Reassemble the rubber back and put the clip back on. Change the clips if its already damaged.

    It should regain 90%-95% of its efficiency back.

  • ray2kray2k September 2014
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    Have you tried calling Tsurumi themselves to ask?

    Mine is from Techno Suling. So far no problem. 1 year already. Powered by hiblow 80 and Secoh 100 in a T configuration.
  • kolampkolamp September 2014
    Posts: 222
    Thank you very much for your kind advise bro urbaneffects. I'll try to dismantle the tube by this weekend & try wash it off....

    Bro ray2k,
    haven't call yet as just asking here to see whether its common issue or isolated cases....it was powered 24/7 without any issues previously by HAP-60 until last week it slowly decrease its performance...dunno whether the pump suitable or not...
  • frostbitezfrostbitez September 2014
    Posts: 109
    ok i got same problems at my couple tube diffusers
    ussualy the rubber membrane shrink over time and stick to pvc rod inside, so cleaning the membrane will be useless

    you can do this (even i suggest to do this to new diffuser) :
    1. open up the rubber membrane if its hard u can use flour (at dry condition) to loosen or make the membrane slippery with the pvc rod
    2. then used smaller diameter rod, i am using 1.5" pvc pipe (usually standard ones use 2" rod) you can used 1.75" pvc pipe if theres any, cut the pipe after measuring how long for your membrane will be using
    3. bore 2 small holes (same size and placement at the std rod) around 0.5" diameter i guess
    4. close far end of the pvc pipe (with pvc stopper) then filled the pvc pipe with sand (used to make diffuser heavy so it wont float), filled it with water so the sand become rigid/solid filled it until 1-2cm under the holes (that u bore),
    5. then close/cover inside pvc pipe with rubber (you can use rubber/solid sponge), make sure the the bored holes dont get closed
    6. close the other side of pvc pipe with pvc socket from 1.5" to 0.5" (for aerator input)
    7. put the pvc membrane and clamp it so the air will only goes through couple bored holes
    thats it you wont be having any more clogged problems with your diffuser ever!

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  • urbaneffectsurbaneffects February 2015
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    Bros. Those of you who have a clog problem of the membrane, any easy way to clean out so that the diffuser can regain its capacity? Most of us find it extremely troublesome to dismantle the whole unit.

    On the other hand, why is it not clogging as fast in waste water treatment plant? Anyone like to chip in ideas?
  • urbaneffectsurbaneffects February 2015
    Posts: 134
    www.koianswers.com/discussion/download/16990/images (1).jpg
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  • KoiaiiKoiaii February 2015
    Posts: 38
    Can we soak the diffusee in chlorine solution?
  • kolampkolamp February 2015
    Posts: 222
    I've change back to those rubber tube diffuser which is easier to clean than this tsurumi...i believe the tsurumi clogged faster due to very fine holes which can trap even small debris compare to the black rubber tube which are coarser
  • MikeMike March 2015
    Posts: 346
    I've try to dismantle and it is not easy.

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