Dear koi sifus'
  • jimlimjimlim August 2014
    Posts: 27
    I suspect my koi is pregnant. Symptoms includes drop and bulging belly. Anyone have similar experience? Pls do share your 2 cents worth...
  • HDCuHDCu August 2014
    Posts: 1,117
    Koi with drop and bulging belly does mean pregnant.
    Females and some male with bad conformation can develop that.
    Overfeeding or wrong feeding can also be the cause. Bad water quality can also contribute.
  • jimlimjimlim August 2014
    Posts: 27
    Bro, thanks for the feedback... will post some pictures when i have the time. any solution on this that I can do?
  • WilganWilgan August 2014
    Posts: 245
    Could be tumor too.
  • jimlimjimlim August 2014
    Posts: 27
    omg .... i post some picture asap for sifu to justify.. tqtq

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