Koi and aerators
  • ocdukeocduke August 2014
    Posts: 1
    I have about a dozen Koi in my back yard pond. I would see them daily around the edges of it and some times when the y would be near the surface. I recently added an aerator. Since then the have totally disappeared. Particularly the largest one of bright orange and weighing close to two/three pounds. He/she no longer can be sighted. Is it possible that they stay deeper in the pond which is about eight foot deep. But I have not seen any of them since we added the aerator.
  • MfwleeMfwlee August 2014
    Posts: 355
    It is normal for the fellas to get upset if you do anything to upset what they have been used to. My fellas almost climbed out of the pond when I played around with diffusers, air stones, etc. BUT, they should resume normal behavior within days.

    Check your water parameters. Did you introduce the aeration because you suspected something was not quite right ? If this was so, then has the water improved or got worse ? The problem why they are hiding at the bottom could be for a different reason - and you need to fix this first ?
    Mike Lee
  • TomyCTomyC August 2014
    Posts: 103
    Can you see them? If they are clamped to the bottom and not moving, then something's wrong. If they are swimming normally and still coming up for food, then it's fine.

    How were they when they were "hanging around the surface"?

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