Jumbo Koi in a Small Pond
  • pandaipandai June 2014
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    Ever since I've gotten deep into this hobby, I had always aspire to grow jumbo kois in my pond. My only limitation is my small pond - 3.6 ton main pond (4.5 ton total including filter chambers). Finally, after all the hard work and trial and error and relentlessly learning the hobby; finally I'm proud to report that I had managed to grow a koi to 80 cm in my tiny pond... \:D/ Yeeaayyy...!!!

    My mukashi ogon that I acquired early last year as a nisai at 50+ cm has now officially reached 80 cm!


    Here's a video of her:

    Although I have managed to achieve the "jumbo" status size-wise, her quality has actually deteriorated a bit after her last spawning. She even developed a bulge in her tummy that won't go away post-natal... :-S Plus, the pond is really looking very overcrowded with her in there. So, with much sadness, I had to let her go. To a better place actually - now under training at Mr. Koi farm...!

    And here's her last photo:


    Bro Azmi was there to witness the measurement this morning, which was to his surprise as well; and finally to take her away to her new home... :-h
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  • HDCuHDCu June 2014
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    Thanks for sharing. Seems like the ogon has choman problem.
    I do not think a small pond will limit growth however small pond creates body conformation problems in my opinion. I do not think also keeping some ogon like chagoi, karishagoi along with gosanke in small pond is good as well. Since the surface area is smaller, the gluttonous varieties easily bully other for food. They tend to overeat and exercise less in a smaller pond.
  • niveknivek June 2014
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    Congrats on getting her to hit jumbo bro pandai in such a short period of time at that (Y)
  • snowlionsnowlion June 2014
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    Bro Pandai,

    Congrats on your achievement under the near impossible conditions.

    I too have a jumbo chagoi (86cm) in my 8 ton pond, Bent body with "S" shaped and vacuums all foods as mentioned by Pak Wahyu above..Cannot cull her as my wife only pet>:p

    Non Gonsankes easier to achieve this status, sadly Gosankes abit more more challenging.
    Keep on trying!!
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar June 2014
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    Wow , she's HUGE man, job we'll done =D>
  • frostbitezfrostbitez June 2014
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    great job bro pandai =D>
    always find amusing when other fellow small pond'er grow jumbo koi especially 80cm and above
  • pandaipandai June 2014
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    Bro @HDCu, yeah, it could be choman disease but then again, she doesn't have other choman symptoms. The bulging tummy by the way is only on one side and it's soft so could not possibly be a tumor. Maybe fasting could have reduced the bulging especially after her spawning but I don't have extra space to quarantine her alone. Anyway, noted - next target is to groom a jumbo with good body confirmation... :-D

    Thank bro @nivek, bro @Bthineshkumar, and bro@frostbitez!

    Bro @snowlion, yup, next target is also to groom jumbo gosanke! For now my chagoi is back to being the queen of the pond, sucking out all food together with my asagi. Another big eater is my new tosai karashi. But my gosanke candidate is my GO momotaro showa who's been eating like crazy... Oh, I love this hobby!!!

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  • HDCuHDCu June 2014
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    @Bro Pandai and bro Snowlion,

    One can have greater success with growing jumbo gosanke if one does not have any gluttonous ogons around eating all the food.

    However, heavy eating gosanke need to have very good quality skin and shine with ample space for it to swim around or else skin and conformation quality suffers IMO unless constant regular fasting is applied IMO.

    Personally I think once koi reaches 72cm with girth it would do much better in a 75ton long rectangular pond 5 feet deep maximum.(a future pond that I am thinking.) 72cm below and a 20 to 30 ton pond 5 to 6 feet deep is better IMO.
  • andysiaandysia June 2014
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    Hi Bro Pandai!

    Remember I also bought a mukashi ogon the same time as you did (same parent I assume). Mine was 46cm when acquired ... last measured 70+cm 2 months ago ... Still eating well and growing well in my 5.5t pond ...

    I think she will hit 80cm by end of this year.

    Video of my pond attached.

  • gerrygerry June 2014
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    Congrats abg @pandai! My Midas missed the 80cm mark by 2cm.

    I think your Chagoi can easily achieve this feat and with superb body conformation to boot! :-D :X
  • snowlionsnowlion June 2014
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    Thanks for all the encouragements!
    Let's try our best!!
  • smokersmoker June 2014
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    bro Pandai, the chagoi's body is very very tempting.
    Nice job for keeping to jumbo at small pond.
  • DanleeDanlee June 2014
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    Bro Pandai,

    Well done... (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) . Hope you have a jumbo gosanke soon
  • JamesJames June 2014
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    Pandai = sifu level already.
  • KChongKChong June 2014
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    Bravo Pandai (Y) !

    I have been keeping koi for very time and sadly to say, my biggest koi was 69cm only.

    From your case, who said small pond can not grow Jumbo Koi.......but of course you can't have many jumbo koi in such a small pond la...

    Good luck with grooming Gosanke to jumbo, ya.
  • wklimwklim June 2014
    Posts: 97
    Congratulations, Bro Pandai! I'm also shooting for the same target with my 5ton pond :-D Hope my fish are up to it and even 1 pc will be statisfying for me!

    Seems a few more from your pond are destined for jumbohood?? Chagoi, Shusui, Sanke, karashi... nice collection bro (y) (y)
  • pandaipandai June 2014
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    Bro @andysia, yup, that's the one from the same batch we got from Yama. Which breeder by the way? Looking at your video, with that big wide mouth of hers, I'm sure she'd turn jumbo in no time!!! ;-)

    Thanks sis @gerry. Yes, I do have high hopes on the chagoi. She's my No. 1 favourite in the pond and have been with me the longest. Sadly, she did not win any prize at the last ZNA show. Anyway, she's yonsai already hence I'm seeing very slow growth already... :-S

    Thanks for the kind words and encouragement sifu @smoker, sifu @Danlee, sifu @James...! ^:)^

    Bro @KChong, that's the problem. With limited space, we always had to make the difficult choice on which piece to cull - like the case of my mukashi ogon, she's merely giving the opportunity for others to also grow to jumbohood.

    Bro @wklim, yes, high hopes on all of them...!
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  • pandaipandai June 2014
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    Here's my simple 3-step method for growing jumbo kois:

    Step 1 : Feed like crazy
    Step 2 : Clean filters like crazy
    Step 3 : Repeat Step 1

    :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))
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  • andysiaandysia June 2014
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    Bro Pandai, the breeder is Matsue if I am not mistaken.
  • HWONGHWONG June 2014
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    Well done!.. feed like crazy, flush like crazy...itu saja.. No secret recipe?
    Must be high end koi lah. I tengah jealous ini...
  • pandaipandai June 2014
    Posts: 1,083
    No secret lah bro @HWONG. But of course more than happy to humbly share a few possible contributing factors to that:

    1. My fish are not "high end" (read: expensive) fish. The mukashi ogon was bought cheap from Yama - got 50% discount some more that time! (Y)

    2. But for food yes, I try to go for the best high protein growth food that I can afford e.g. Saki Hikari Hi Growth, Kenkokari Hi-Silk etc. and of course feed them as much as they want and can eat.

    3. Chill pond to 23 deg C.

    4. Oxygenator

    5. Bakki shower

    6. Auto-feeder so can feed regularly even though when I'm not around.

    The above are all that I believe have contributed to the growth and bulking of my kois. Other sifus feel free to add to the list.
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  • ShukriShukri June 2014
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    =D> =D> =D> (Y)
    In Koianswers Forum, no one individual is above the rest. This is the Forum for the Koi Community.
  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2014
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    Not to forget to keep the koi healthy and alive ;-) :-D

    Congrats bro (Y)
  • HDCuHDCu June 2014
    Posts: 1,117
    Congrats ! Kinda tempting me to get a chiller now. Wah!

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