Fixed Koi Pond Wall LED Lights - To Have or Not To Have
  • pepperpepper May 2014
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    I am confused.

    I want Pond Lights.

    I concur with what this guy has to say.

    I am sure that the lights will not be turned on every night. I think they will be useful especially when we have guests who come over at night. I believe that it will add to the surrounding ambience as well as allow the Koi to be seen at night.

    However, some of the Koi Pond Vendors that I have spoken to have been reluctant to install and have been trying to dissuade me from installing for the following reasons:

    1. Will blind the fish?
    - Really?

    2. Will be hot (halogen lights)
    - I intend to use white LEDs

    3. Will spoil easily
    - Isn't it the same with swimming pool lights?

    4. Algae will grow over the light - then no light
    - Can't I just clean off the algae?

    5. Better to have above water lights that shine into the Pond


    Do you guys have Pond Lights?

    If yes what wattage for LEDs?

    If yes how deep do you install them?
    - upper 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2

    eg if my pond is 1m deep,

    - 25cm below water surface,
    - 33cm
    - 50cm
    - 75cm?

    Thanks Bros

  • MfwleeMfwlee May 2014
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    My own suggestion is that at least one thing should be kept in mind when we talk about having a Koi ponds in / around the house. What is it that we want, and how much are we prepared to spend to achieve this.

    If my budget is completely flexible, then I can use my money to compensate for anything that I want. I say this because it is even possible to have a contractor put in and then to change water, as well as to replenish the fish every week ! - no problems with designs or maintenance and everybody can be happy. Some of our hotels, coffee houses, and restaurants, use this arrangement and the fish normally look decent all the time.

    As for koi keeping as a modest private hobby ... the ballpark changes. I would want something proven and where ease of maintenance gives me the best chance to enjoy my hobby. Does this mean that the hobby is by definition a selfish one, where one cannot showcase one's fish for guests to see ? Not necessarily, but you will need some good advice on this.

    e.g. You want to bottom light your pond only when you have guests. Koi live for many2 years, and with living things with this long life characteristic, they tend to adapt to their environment, and want consistency in their surroundings. This is something that you should address if you want to suddenly floodlight / show case them every now and then.

    As for me, I use gentle overhead spot lights that show up a section of the pond when I want to show my fish, while the other part is deliberately kept dark so that the light does not alarm them too much. When required, I also switch the lights on before it gets dark so that the transition from day to night is not too sudden.

    This is one of my reasons for not going underwater - the next being that my belief dictates that anything added into the pond is simply another thing that could go wrong. E.g. Lights can leak / short circuit. Extra expenses that I don't want to pay, as well as the all important question - what do I do with my fish when I have to fix my pond ? :/ :/ :/
    Mike Lee
  • HDCuHDCu May 2014
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    I had underwater led lights when I still had a small garden pond. It looked great at the beginning until algae sets in to cover the lens. Any exposed Wires even insulated also corrode because of salt. The pond look like a swimming pool while the color of the koi does not look that good with LED lights at night.

    Since I changed to a real koi pond, I just used overhang flourescent floodlights for every night and for special viewing occassion overhead metal halide lights. I did consider placing led strip light slightly above pond water but did not push thru with it.
  • JamesJames May 2014
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    Question to ask is this. Is this a koi pond or a landscape pond. If koi pond, do what the kois like, if landscape pond do what you like. I am of opinion kois can have light shone on top of pond but not inside.
  • harryyewharryyew May 2014
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    Good evening bro pepper

    The guy in the video recommendations semua ngam.

    I have pond lights and I can tell you..... you will not regret having it. It is a totally new experience and perspective to view your koi.

    I pakai the Wiselite 6 watts LED bulb type (equivalent to 50W) that illuminate at 250lm per fitting.

    I have surface lighting too..... surrounding the pond to provide environmental lighting. Syiok bro....

    My koi love the lighting and they eat more aggressive at night. Don't know why?

    If your pond is 1m deep..... then place it down to the bottom lah. I mount my LED light housed in stainless steel housing onto a concrete plate to allow it to sink all the way down. You need to get those waterproof cables (not expensive) and get those LED light that come with 12V adapter.

    I clean the housing glass twice a year. It is pretty easy.... just tarik the cable and then clean and drop it back down. To mount the light housing onto the concrete plate, get stainless steel screws including the bolt and nuts with a spring washer.

    Hope this info is of some help to you to decide.

  • pepperpepper May 2014
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    Thanks Everyone for your comments.

    I have to confess that this is my first proper Koi pond.

    And yes, James, it was intended to be a landscape pond. Now I am trying my darnedest to make it into the best Koi pond it can ever be with my current limitations.

    Terima Kasih harryyew for your comments.

    I think I will install the pond lights.

    At worse I never turn on the in pond lights if I should later feel as strongly as Mike about disturbing the Koi.

    If I don't install during construction phase, it will never happen.

    HDCu, I will try to install the Pond lights like Pool lights, fixed in wall with armour cables in conduits and excess length of cable for easy above water maintenance. Hopefully pond water is not more corrosive than swimming pool water.
  • JamesJames June 2014
    Posts: 1,964
    Just ensure all fittings do not cause potential injury to koi. It is a big heartsick to see your kois injured and it always happens to your favourite/best piece.

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