Do sunlight affect the color of the fish ?
  • esther3677esther3677 April 2014
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    Hi i have a indoor pond bought a koi with white/ red color spot afther two week it turn white/orange spot why? if no sunlight can we use other commercial lighting to replace? in order to get back the red spot? Thank.
  • TomyCTomyC April 2014
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    Yes, very much so. Most living things require good sunlight to be healthy.

    There are various lighting options. Conventional ones are Metal Halide lamps. They however are hot, and use much power.

    Another option is LED grow lamps that try to replace much of the sunlight's wavelength.

    Nothing beats natural sunlight though.
  • ShukriShukri April 2014
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    Hi Esther,
    I know of someone that has 2 ponds; an indoor pond and the other an outdoor pond. He used to swap the fishes from outdoor to in door and vice versa every month of so.......

    Or you can always get varieties like Orchiba and Goshiki which will do well without sunlight...........
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  • niveknivek April 2014
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    Shiros will do well in indoor ponds
  • HDCuHDCu May 2014
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    Doesnt the quality of the sumi also suffer as a result from a lack of sunlight?
  • niveknivek May 2014
    Posts: 1,251
    Bro HDCu, I used to think sunlight helps with sumi development but nowadays I feel its water quality playing the bigger part especially low to zero nitrate water.
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  • ShukriShukri May 2014
    Posts: 4,881
    With the lower temperature, without the sun and the shade, Goshiki will thrive better. Orchibas also will have that fair complexion versus dark skin under normal conditions in our climate..........

    Nevertheless the tone of the Beni will suffer quite a bit in indoor ponds.........
    In Koianswers Forum, no one individual is above the rest. This is the Forum for the Koi Community.

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