repeated dose of Kenkona
  • hkl84hkl84 April 2014
    Posts: 51
    Hi all sifus and friends, i am seeking your help with my kois as they are flashing, jumping and probably losing beni and sumi especially on their head. These were what happened:

    -i added new fishes last Saturday and Sunday. But i added in kenkona on Saturday afternoon after i put in the new fishes. By this time the fishes seem fine
    -By Monday night there is a very heavy rain and i found that my fishes were either floating or sinking to the bottom motionlesly. I immediately do water change and add in another round of kenkona. The fishes appeared to be better but flashing continues and i found that their color starts to fade
    -the daily raining should have diluted the kenkona and chemistry of the water so i change water again on Wednesday afternoon (today).

    I am wondering when should i add in more kenkona? Should i add in tonight or wait until Friday to add another dose?
  • idrisidris April 2014
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    First of all..hav u check ur water quality? Ammonia, no2 and ph? Did you have any salt in your water?
  • niveknivek April 2014
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    What's your pond's pH?
  • hkl84hkl84 April 2014
    Posts: 51
    Ammonia and nitrate were not detected. pH is around 7.5, i used the chemical tester so cant be very accurate. I have quite a lot of oyster shell so pH should be fine. There is no salt in the pond as i heard that salt doesn't go well with kenkona
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar April 2014
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    Overdose of kenkona bro.

    How much water change you do before your second kenkona? I believe your water change was not enough.
    How many ton is your water and how much kenkona you used? 1 liter of kenkona for 60,000 liter of water is the right dosage.

    When you did a second dose of kenkona, I believe all you good bacteria in ur pond has been killed. As such, there is ammonia and nitrite spike in your pond from your fish waste.

    Here is my suggestion:
    1) Stop feeding for 1-2 week
    2) Check for Ammonia and Nitrite to confirm my above theory
    3) Change 30-40% water
    4) Add in biozme or and bacteria starter.
    5) Change 30-40% water in day 2
    6) Add in biozme
    7) Salt your pond to 0.4-0.5% and monitor your pond. You would go through NPS all over again so continue to monitor the water parameter

  • hkl84hkl84 April 2014
    Posts: 51
    i change 20% of water, my pond is 4.5 tonne so i put in 75ml of kenkona. So far i could not detect any ammonia or nitrate but i don't have kit for nitrite at the moment.
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar April 2014
    Posts: 1,763
    75 ml is correct dosage for 4.5tonne water. Nitrate is not lethal but Nitrite is leathal to kois. Do another 40% water change. and follow my above suggestion

    Cheers and gud luck

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