Nippon Koi Farm Murata Kohaku Jumbo Tosai
  • KekwaKekwa March 2014
    Posts: 261
    This batch quality not bad. Still have quite a number to choose from.
    Good skin, nice beni and most important good size.
    I chose this piece to keep in mud pond for another 6 months
    image.jpg 75K
  • sleepymansleepyman March 2014
    Posts: 102
    wow bro, you seem to be upgrading your collection quite abit! (Y)

    This looks like one that would grow big too! Only waiting for the beni on her head to recover...

    Not your only addition right? do share share your picks this season k.. don't forget the super jumbo tosai from sakai too! ;-)
  • KekwaKekwa April 2014
    Posts: 261
    Bro sleepyman, remember this kohaku was chosen by you first then you don't want?
    I only taking second and third hand fish, where got upgrade.
    Btw, why you don't want? Looks like male fish isit? :-))
  • sleepymansleepyman April 2014
    Posts: 102
    Ehh.. sorry bro.. but I think u mistaken.. didn't pick this at all..

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