Sakai Showa MALE 76cm
  • smokersmoker February 2014
    Posts: 715
    Sakai Showa Male 76cm 4yo now
    Got him at 65cm 3yo

    After lifting and measuring, now quarantined for treatment as he has a little dropsy syndrome, some scales at the left up side open up.
    He is my favourite, he eats like a tank :-))

    Watch the video for a better view (Copy).JPG (Copy).JPG (Copy).JPG (Copy).JPG (Copy).JPG

  • ythyth February 2014
    Posts: 118 favorite too :) hope he can get well.....
  • puathiantatpuathiantat February 2014
    Posts: 127
    Can we call it 'Fat Boy' :-D
  • niveknivek February 2014
    Posts: 1,251
    Soooo white for a male koi~! Great stuff (Y)
  • YipmYipm February 2014
    Posts: 194
    Super nice bro Smoker
  • smokersmoker February 2014
    Posts: 715
    @Bro Yap, yes, fortunately, it's detected at a very early stage, so hopefully will recover soon.

    @Bro Puathiantat, yes we may :-))

    Thanks Bro Kevin and Bro Yip :)
  • wklimwklim February 2014
    Posts: 97
    Bro smoker, your showa quality is really stunning (Y) (Y) I hope he recovers soon as well.

    Hope you don't mind if I ask if there is a method or your thoughts on bringing up the sumi?
  • IzrulIzrul February 2014
    Posts: 715
    i'm not sure if my eyes deceived me..but this piece is too stunning!
    looks like a ceramic painting..true masterpiece from sakai,not to mention this is a kindai showa.
    its a super nice showa.your collection just wow bro @smoker
  • ikankoikauikankoikau February 2014
    Posts: 1,053
    Awesome showa bro. :X
  • kolampkolamp February 2014
    Posts: 222
    Fantastic body volume for male fish...salute! (Y)
  • smokersmoker February 2014
    Posts: 715
    @Bro Wklim, thanks. He already recovers alot today, all the scales that opened up, have been normal again, will put back to pond after two rounds of antibiotic using interpet anti ulcer :)

    @Bro Izrul, thanks for motivating :), i love this showa to bit too.

    @Bro Ikk, thanks :)

    @Bro Kolamp, thanks, pure luck :)
  • JamesJames February 2014
    Posts: 1,964
    Bro wahyu, is the sumi shine down from the sickness or has he always been sumi shy?

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