Sakai Asagi 80cm
  • smokersmoker February 2014
    Posts: 715
    Sakai Asagi 80cm 4yo
    Got her when tosai at feb 2011. Kept in a 2 tons fgt for more than half a year, as at that time, i did not have my pond yet,

    Beni has gone up to the upper body, and the quality is not there anymore. :) (Copy).JPG (Copy).JPG

  • urbaneffectsurbaneffects February 2014
    Posts: 134
    Bro, u give a lot of colour feed?
  • smokersmoker February 2014
    Posts: 715
    yup bro, i had no clue at that time, it's my earliest stage of this hobby when this asagi arrived as tosai hahahaha. lesson learnt :)
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar February 2014
    Posts: 1,763

    I hv one asagi same case. Beni covering tail area. I'm still keeping as he's one of my first koi in my pond :)
    Post edited by Bthineshkumar at 2014-02-21 07:39:08 pm
  • puathiantatpuathiantat February 2014
    Posts: 127
    Heard that Asagi will hav this kind of problem if pick tosai with beni already appear :-?
    Mine lagi teruk ... nisai now n the beni already cover till middle part d banghead
  • HenryJordanHenryJordan March 2014
    Posts: 12
    Your Koi is very lovely in color with beautiful scales.
  • niveknivek March 2014
    Posts: 1,251
    Love the body man

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