Momotaro Bentley Kohaku 88cm
  • smokersmoker February 2014
    Posts: 715
    Momotaro Bentley Kohaku 88cm rokusai / 6yo now
    She only grows a little this year, 2-3cm. :-|
    I have yet to make her body bulkier than her present one.

    Do I have a chance ? (Copy).JPG (Copy).JPG (Copy).JPG (Copy).JPG


  • niveknivek February 2014
    Posts: 1,251
    Another stunning piece bro Wahyu. Can't stop drooling at your collection. Congrats (Y)
  • smokersmoker February 2014
    Posts: 715
    Thanks, but still hard to bulk up more Bro Kevin. Wish next year better :)
  • pohbengpohbeng February 2014
    Posts: 114
    Bro...for Bentley line...I think quite challenging to bulk up....I had 5-6 previously and now left with only 2 pc....still look like a rod.... :(
    Post edited by pohbeng at 2014-02-19 09:32:50 am
  • smokersmoker February 2014
    Posts: 715
    Bro PB, i have the same idea about this Bentley hahahaha.
    Let me try again and see her next year :-))
  • ythyth February 2014
    Posts: 118
    Wah bro Wahyu,showcase all your kois doubt at all about your skill....bro what you feed your kois?
  • smokersmoker February 2014
    Posts: 715
    Not show case la bro Yap, it's just an annual casual lifting and measuring day.
    Enjoy that day once a year :)

    Till last month i feed mizuho wg 50% + saki grow 25% + hisilk 25%
    Recently, i change to mizuho wg 50% + mizuho grow 25% + hisilk 25%
    Cheaper price than saki grow :)
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar February 2014
    Posts: 1,763
    =D> =D> Bravoo
  • grinkz01grinkz01 February 2014
    Posts: 530
    bentley is not an impressive bulky kohaku but beni and body length is impressive i least zna GC was prove of her acknowledgement....and ur kohaku definitely impressive kohaku. you must be proud of it bro wahyu....
  • NicodemusNicodemus February 2014
    Posts: 8
    Hi there
    Can I add that fresh silk worm pupae can bulk in a month.

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