MrKoi Medic Multi-Treatment
  • mrkoimrkoi February 2014
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    Dear Bro/Sister and all koi hobbyists,

    Hereby I decided to open a new thread dedicated specifically to discuss about MrKoi Medic Multi Treatment. Everybody is welcome to give a comment and share their experience of using it so that I can try to improve my products in the future.

    The history and origin.

    At first, it was specially formulated by me in order to reduce my costs to medicate or use it during the quarantine process of fishes at my koi farm. It was a mixtures of formalin, malachite green plus some other active ingredients and antibiotics in order to increase the effectiveness of the medication. It was formulated and tested not only on hundred fishes but thousands of them at my farm.

    From that moment, I start to supply it to my close friend hobbyists and use it during my pond maintenance job for my customers pond. And since then, I am not using anymore of other medication like S1, F1, yellow powder, elbagin etc. And so far, I am happy and satisfied with the outcome results and so with my customers too.


    The medication has been tested and proven to be effective and safe to be use either in :-

    1) Treating koi diseases - White Spot, Ulcer, Skin Flukes, Gill Flukes, Fin Rot, Open Wound, Flashing, Parking, Clamped Fin, Swim Idle, Slime Disease, Lethargic, Red Vein and Dropsy (early stage).
    2) Quarantine any new fishes before adding into your main pond.
    3) Pond Maintenance - once a month.


    MrKoi Medic Multi-Treatment is a unique powerful treatment base on several active ingredients in order to create an effective and safe treatment against parasite, bacterial and fungus infections.

    This is a 7 days course of treatment (3 dose) to slowly build dosage level in the pond in order to maximizes the effect of the treatment whilst minimizing stress on the fish.

    This exert a mild anti-bacterial effect and in most circumstances will not destroy biological filtration bacteria, although they may ‘knock the filter back’ for a short while.

    During prolonged treatments, it is very important to test for ammonia and nitrite on a daily basis in case the filter has been affected.

    Dosage :

    •15ml/ton as three treatment at interval of 2 days apart when appropriate.
    •Please make a 20%-30% (if main pond) or 50%-70% (if quarantine tank) of partial water change before 2nd and 3rd dosage (at interval of 48 hours after each dosage).
    •Repeat the medication for another week if necessary.

    • Recommended treatment with NO SALT. But can treat with salt until up to 0.13% if necessary.
    • Make sure your pond or quarantine tank got strong aeration.
    • No feeding during medication.
    • Turn off the UV light for at least 12 hours during the treatment..
    • Advisable to start the medication in the evening.
    • Stored in at room temperature and avoid from direct sunlight.
    • It is advisable to do a proper quarantine using MrKoi Medic Multi-Treatment for any new addition koi before mix into your main pond.

    RP : RM 160.00 per liter.

    Available at Yamakoshi Tropicana and Gosanke Taman Desa.

    Thanks. Medic (Front).gif Medic (Back).gif
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  • mrkoimrkoi November 2014
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    MrKoi Medic Ulcer Treatment (Before and After)
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  • mrkoimrkoi November 2014
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    MrKoi Medic Fungus Treatment (Before and After)
  • mrkoimrkoi January 2015
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    Another Koi Medic Emergency Rescue Mission via Pos Laju. Hope the fish will recover asap rescue 3a.JPG
  • abunuhaabunuha January 2015
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    How to do a proper quarantine process using this medication for newly added fish?
  • mrkoimrkoi January 2015
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    Hi Bro,

    Newly added fish procedure :

    Quarantine Tank:

    1) Advisable to put the new fishes into a quarantine tank 1st for at least a week before added into your main pond.
    2) Put the medication with a dosage 15ml per ton of water. After 48 hours, make a water change (30%-50%) and put a 2nd dosage. After another 48 hours make a water change again and put the 3rd dosage.
    3) During this process, would recommended for you to mix some of your pond water into the quarantine tank and No Feeding.

    Main Pond:
    1) 3-5 days before adding the new fishes, advisable to clean up your filter chamber (with water change 30%-40%) and put 1x dosage of MrKoi Medic.
    2) Stop feeding.
    3) Just after add the new fishes, put a 2nd dosage of MrKoi Medic into your main pond.
    4) Adter 48-72 hours, make a water change (30%-40%), and put the 3rd dosage.
    5) Few days after the 3rd dosage, you can start a little amount of feeding.
    6) Observe for any unusual signs or behaviour. If normal, then you can continue to feed them
    7) IF NOT, then you have to stop feeding and start another 3x dosage of MrKoi Medic.

    If you got further assistance or advise, you contact me through my facebook or whatsapp.

    Thank you.

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