Mud pond and koi food.
  • SRathaSRatha February 2014
    Posts: 189
    I recently gained access to a mud pond which was previously used as a fish hatchery raising fish for food.
    The water is quite murky and not translucent therefore making it difficult for koi to see the pellets during feeding time. As you would imagine that pond is quite big and I have made a feeding ring where the floating pellets can stay within the feeding ring.

    The pellets right now is useless as at feeding time (by hand) the fish do not come up to eat. Is there anyway I can get the fish to come up and feed on the pellets?
  • ray2kray2k February 2014
    Posts: 96
    They need to discover this feeding place. You may have to use cheap pellets to waste on the same spot until they discover this is the place to come for food.

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