Infection? Please advise...
  • CSKCSK October 2013
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    Just noticed that one of my kohaku has red patches on its tail. Some on its other fins as well but the tail has the larger patches.

    Please advise what is it? Infection? I have move it to a quarantine tank with salt, S1 and Dimilin. Is this contagious? My other Kois seem does not have the red patches. Do I need to disinfect the whole pond?

    Here is the picture.

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  • JasonLeeJasonLee October 2013
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  • ghyeapghyeap October 2013
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    Hi CSK,

    Yes, it is bacterial attack and some call it fin-rot or tail-rot.

    Healthy environment produce healthy fishes. Pond water must be clean, with low organic load and free of pathogenic bacteria (i.e. bad bacteria).

    Chemical treatment cannot eliminate all bacteria strain because some will hide in area where chemical can't reach and will mutate into stronger strain each time you increase the dosage or potency of the chemical used. Problems will recur again when the mutate strain start multiplying.

    The best way is by using probiotics (i.e. good bacteria) to attack and eliminate all the bad bacteria at the earliest possible stage before they have a chance to mutate to stronger strain. Probiotics will penetrate into any area where bad bacteria is and eliminate it totally.

    Proper biological filter setup with good bacterial housing and strong probiotics strain will lower the cost of pond maintenance in the long run - less cleaning and water change needed.

    For further advice please email me at

    Have a nice day.

  • CSKCSK October 2013
    Posts: 10
    OK...any advise on the treatment? What I am doing now sufficient?


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