Benefits of using VIVAKOI in feed
  • vivakoivivakoi April 2011
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    We would like to highlight another key benefit of Vivakoi which some hobbyists may not be aware of, i.e. applying Vivakoi into the feed.

    One of the major benefits of applying Vivakoi into feed is the ability to improve feed conversion ratio (FCR) and this is defined as ratio of feed intake to wet weight gained. The lower the value of FCR, the better the feed conversion rate and nutrient absorption of fishes

    Microbes in Vivakoi facilitates the breakdown of complex nutrient and enhances the absorption rate at the intestinal wall where this is one of the most important parameter to ensure that fishes are growing at encouraging levels.

    FCR can be estimated with formula below:
    FCR = (Feed Input)/(Weight gained)

    Vivakoi microbes improves specific growth rate (SGR) and protein efficiency ratio (PER) where the absorption efficiency of the fed protein in wet weight gain are fundamentals in successful rearing of fishes.

    Usage of high protein fish meal is common among hobbyists for growth and health of their fishes. Knowing your fish’s PER plays an important role in maintaining the growth and water quality of ponds. The amount of faeces will be reduced as a higher percentage of feed intake will be utilized for wet weight gain of fishes as Vivakoi microbes, acting as probiotics, facilitates rapid absorption.

    The introduction of probiotics into the feed for aquacultures improves PER and hobbyist can have better management in providing feeds and at the same time knowing their fishes were fed with the right portions.

    PER can be estimated with formula below:
    PER = (Weight gained)/(Applied protein)

    Vivakoi microbes promotes FCR and PER. Proper feeding will directly favours the specific growth rate (SGR) where fishes can have better weight and length gain. SGR measures the growth of fishes within a stipulated duration.

    SGR can be estimated with formula below:
    SGR = (Weight gained)/(Duration of days)

    To summarise the benefits of Vivakoi, our live beneficial food grade microbes help to improve the overall wellness of fishes, increases appetite, enhances natural immunity and speeds up recovery from common diseases. Better slime development on scales of fishes is observed. Water quality will be at a better level as hobbyist can reduce their worries of high secretion of ammonia as Vivakoi microbes can effectively converts ammonia to safer compounds.

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