Buidling New Pond in Puchong - Need Advice
  • khongkhong April 2011
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    Hi All,

    I am new to this forum and I would like to seek for your advice. I am building new pond and the work will start on week of Apr 25th. The dimension of the pond itself is 12' * 10' * 4' (depth) and the filter size is 12' * 3' * 4' (depth).

    Please see attached for my pond design.
    - there will be a surface skimer.
    - there will be 3 units of 3" down pipe from main pond to the sediment chamber. (Chamber #1)
    - there will be down pipe from Chamber-1, 2 and 3 to the chamber-5, which is the dry champer.
    - water flow in the filtering chambers is "up-down" from Chamber-1 to 2, then chamber-2 to 3, and chamber-3 to 4. Chamber-5 is dry chamber.
    - there will be 2 pumps. One to pump water to feature wall, the other will pump the return water back to the main pond

    I would appreciate very much if you could help to give some hints on the following. Of course, any other advice is most welcome.

    Q1. What type of pump is recommended and what is the recommended pump capacity? for example, how many liters per hour?

    Q2. what is the recommended pipe size for water return? Is 2" pipe good enough? BTW, normally what is the "default" pipe size for the pump?

    Q3. Is it better place the pump chamber nearer to the pond so the pump efficiency is higher? I mean short distance from pump to pond and feature wall.

    Q4. Is my pond design okay? I have visited a pond with just 1 sediment chamber and 1 chamber for coral shells and the water is clear.

    Your advice will be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

    p/s I visited koi.com.my since 1 year ago and only discover koianswers.com yesterday. And realized that most of the sifus are active in this forum instead of koi.com.my :-)
    Pond.pdf 30K
  • FPSooFPSoo April 2011
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    I am from Yamakoshi Mura. We can provide you free advice for pond construction if you like to. Do drop by our Tropicana outlet and meet up with Mr.CC Mah. He can review your pond layout and give you necessary advice including some accessories required.

    Mr.Mah contact is 012-4123383 or his email is ccmah@yamakoshi.biz

  • ChengAunChengAun April 2011
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    Be updated in the world of koi. Jangankan seperti "Koi di bawah bottom drain"
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  • ashfaqashfaq January 2012
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    brother Khong, is your completed?
    if yes, please do share us the pictures and videos
    Ashfaq from India-Chennai

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