Newbie Question - Koi Cost
  • IndyMIndyM September 2013
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    Hi guys, i recently came upon possession of a small pond (1000+ gallons), and i'm currently housing a small red arowana, some blue discus and some guppies + shrimp for mosquito control/arowana food. So its pretty understocked as it is and i'm looking to add a splash of color with a few koi.

    But due to the small size of the pond, i'm looking to add no more than 3-5 koi. While i definitely do not want super cheap local koi, i don't necessarily want to pay top dollar for imported koi either. From what i understand, small imported ones can cost $200 and up per ekor. I'm looking to pay half that amount per piece at most. Is there a middle range of kois available for sale in the PJ area?

    Thanks for the advice guys!

  • MfwleeMfwlee September 2013
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    If you are only looking for a splash of color in your pond, you will be able to find some decent local " koi " for that price. e.g. I got some from Yee Fatt ( Kok Soon ) about a year ago, and they look fine for the price I paid.

    I have some reservations about your mixing your fish though. All koi being carp make big demands on your filters as compared to what you currently have. This could cause you endless problems unless you are fully prepared. Give this a serious thought before committing.

    Welcome to the forum !
    Mike Lee
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar September 2013
    Posts: 1,763
    Welcome to the forum bro.

    Agree with Bro Mike, Koi itself is big burden to filters. Unless you have a big filtration, do not mix with koi.
    As for cheap japanese koi, Yamakoshi Tropicana has sales going now. Check it out bro.
  • ray2kray2k September 2013
    Posts: 96
    Add a few more Red Aros. When they grow big, put them up in a communty tank! Beautiful.

    Small kois may become Aro food.
  • matsuda_koimatsuda_koi September 2013
    Posts: 34
    Eat Sleep Koi

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