Medication/Disease for newcomeR.
  • TanCHuTanCHu April 2011
    Posts: 9
    can any1 post type of medication/disease and what does that medi cure? photos of the medication? example what does a pp do? photos of the PP?

  • heng84heng84 April 2011
    Posts: 77
    Hi welcome , the best is to do more readings under the disease medication then only ask those who got more experience because there are plenty of medication around which make them hard to explain to u 1 by 1 just my 2cent cos I'm also a new comer
  • TanCHuTanCHu April 2011
    Posts: 9
    hmm.. there should some basic medication to help the newcomers..
  • AndySittAndySitt April 2011
    Posts: 560
  • TanCHuTanCHu September 2011
    Posts: 9

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