Aquamaster Koi Food
  • ChengAunChengAun April 2011
    Posts: 925
    has anyone here used Aquamaster koi food?? its supposed to be a relitavely good food that is reasonably is made in China.. enhancer.jpg

    it also seems to be a practical copy of Hikari as it is also supposed to reduce the amount of pooh and helps digestion, color, growth and health. :)

    this is the link to their website:
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  • boykoiboykoi June 2011
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    excellent koi food.tried it for a month with the hi-growth and GO tosais are getting a 3=4cm growth and color is catching up as well.excellent and affordable
  • DanleeDanlee June 2011
    Posts: 694
    Where can we buy these koi food in Malaysia?
  • JoshuaChinJoshuaChin June 2011
    Posts: 371
    Guys, just for you info this are the new packing for Aquamaster Koi food
    I never try it before, but good feedback from my customer especially for growth diet.
    CA, Aquamaster are made in Taiwan
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  • boykoiboykoi June 2011
    Posts: 186
    their hi-growth variety is really great, i even had to cut back a bit cause the beni on my GO are a bit stretching due to growth in girth and length.really awesome koi food!
  • lautslauts June 2011
    Posts: 1,248
    Bros ,

    This brand has been around for long time , manufactured in Taiwan. Long ago , i used it when i was keeping locals and Japanese mix , then i switch to Hikari when i upgraded to Japanese kois :-D . You can find it almost in any aquarium in 5kg packs. But those were the days when it cost abt Rm60 for 5 kg. Not bad for an economical food esp the spirulina

  • WinlimWinlim June 2011
    Posts: 161

    Where can I get this koi food?
  • MichaelMichael June 2011
    Posts: 38
    Anybody know currently selling how much for 5kg growth?

  • abc123abc123 March 2012
    Posts: 1
    Hi can anyone give me the exact address where can I get this Aqua Master Koi Food?
  • adleeadlee March 2012
    Posts: 115
    bro abc123. i think u can get it from lotsa aquarium shop. its supply by KWzone aquatics if im not mistaken. ask ur shop nearby ler..

  • YLLiauYLLiau March 2012
    Posts: 44
    i tot Aquamaster Brand is Taiwan , but manufacturing in China.. for the pricing of Aq. Growth,it is not much cheaper compared to Saki growth.
  • HandsomeHandsome March 2012
    Posts: 186
    I do have 4 packet 5 kg each. Anyone interested I can sell it at buy one free one. I got it during wakagoi prize gift.
  • adleeadlee March 2012
    Posts: 115
    wah good bargain u have there bro handsome!
  • jaysonjayson March 2012
    Posts: 106
    bro Handsome, for real!!! then i wanna get 1 too.
    as kwzone sell in penang about rm90 5kg i can get it.
  • grinkz01grinkz01 March 2012
    Posts: 530
    Does anyone had proved on the performance? I already tried its color food for last 1 months and no result shown. Dont know where is wrong, could be my kois are already reach its limit so cant be increased again.
  • melvvvmelvvv March 2012
    Posts: 48
    Tried before after I was given 1KG for helping them complete a survey for their packaging in a Taiwan Koi show (think was in 2009).

    Didnt see much difference from my other growth food.... note that I have cheap kois years back.
  • NicodemusNicodemus January 2013
    Posts: 8
    Hi Im currently using aquamaster and growth was 2" per month. Been using for 6 months Though my kois r fr market, a koi breeder says they look like AAA types with color and body patents. He's quite surprised I didnt use color food. Should try it, value for money
  • grinkz01grinkz01 January 2013
    Posts: 530
    well I decided to stop using this brand after trying 20 color improvment but shiroji got yellowish...
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  • ChengAunChengAun January 2013
    Posts: 925
    But lack of colour improvement and could also be caused by things such as bad water quality, lack of minerals and water temperature. Yellow shiroji is often a sign that the kidneys are overloaded and usually would happen when you feed too much/only colour food or too much protein content in the food. :)
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  • grinkz01grinkz01 January 2013
    Posts: 530
    agree bro CA but compared to my current color food (local Konishi brand), Konishi give me a better result. Yes, yellowish shiroji is some signs of overfeed or kidney problems.....

    According to its brochure, aquamaster color food contain 40% protein minimum. I did ever tried to feed 100% of this color food --- just curious to see the impact, but zero.

    Then mix with growth food at around 40% and also zero.
    I didnt change any method so, I can assume my water / pond condition is the same.
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  • ChengAunChengAun January 2013
    Posts: 925
    Hmmmm, interesting. Someone should try a test with this.
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  • grinkz01grinkz01 January 2013
    Posts: 530
    bro CA yes...other hobbyist may experience different result than i would like to learn from other experiences as well.....maybe my koi genetic is so poor or my feeding regime is not suitable with this pellet....
  • boykoiboykoi January 2013
    Posts: 186
    tried this before since its becoming popular feed here in P.I.But ive seen a hobbyist feeding 100 pct high growth that in a few months,some of he's 60cm upward kois developed bent bodies,and belly.though i would say that it also has to do with how you feed them,hes been using aquamaster at 100pct for many months now.

    i also used this before when it was introduced, good for bulking tosais on the high growth variant, 2-3" monthly growth up to 40cm.but the color feed is dissappointing, turns shiroji to yellow much faster than thickening the beni. Have switched to an even cheaper brand with better results than this,oh well this is just based on my own experience.
  • andysiaandysia January 2013
    Posts: 56
    Bro boykoi,

    Can share what's the cheaper brand that has better results? Thks ...
  • JiGgiYJiGgiY February 2013
    Posts: 70
    anyone tried wheat germ on that brand?? have wheat and shrimp.growth are just nice for tosais and the red do "pop" out due to shrimp.had heard the owner said it bulk up nicely using wheat germ which is surprisingly is not for growth.i had try few weeks and seems development quite nicely.tosais getting bulking and my filter less cleaning even on heavy feeding.
  • marmeymarmey June 2013
    Posts: 6
    Hi dear friends
    I'm from Iran
    English language is not good - sorry
    I mix my food 2 times a week do you let them Freezers

    Koi fish number 14
    Water volume 90 liters
    I love my nook
    Please help
    The feed my fish
    I do not have money to buy food.
    That's why I'm looking for food fruits and vegetables

    Infinite thanks
  • TaiFeiTaiFei June 2013
    Posts: 21
    You don't have money to buy food? Then how do you get your koi at the first place?
  • J73J73 June 2013
    Posts: 56
    Catch from d wild?lols
  • TaiFeiTaiFei June 2013
    Posts: 21
    For koi or kueh ? Haha
    Marmey, you have posted in the wrong thread. We are discussing about Aquamaster brand koi food here.
    Your fresh food for your koi are fine but it needs to be discussed here:
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  • marmeymarmey June 2013
    Posts: 6
    Because I'm not good English.
    I asked where Ashtyah

    Dear Friend
    I am a resident and native of Iran
    Everything here
    Is expensive
    This is the dormitory
    Bought with savings
    But they do not have money to buy food for

    Thanks for your tips and meet friends
  • TanSriTanSri August 2013
    Posts: 20
    I visited KW air itam in Penang not long ago, the staple is around rm75. growth, wheatgerm, colour is over RM100...Around RM120 if I remember correctly. If you're lucky, sometimes they will give discounts or 1kg pack freebies.
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