• hkl84hkl84 August 2013
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    I have added new kois into my pond without quaranteen. A big mistake. Some of my kois are occasionally flashing now and i have increase salt to 0.3% and put S1 for 2 days already. The frequency of flashing seems to reduce but it still happens. I am wondering if i will need to add more S1? How long should i continue the treatment? When should i change the water to remove the S1 and salt? Sorry for asking so many questions at once. Thanks in advance.
  • gerrygerry August 2013
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    Hi Bro,

    If all kois are swimming (not parking with clamped fins), then maybe you can wait for the S1 and salt to clear off (by water change) and maybe you want to try Kenkona... but you must get the dosage right.

    You can refer to this link:

    Hope the other bros and sifus here can help you with the dosage.

    And hope your kois get better soon. :)
  • KaajKaaj August 2013
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    Good day bro HKL84 (sorry dont know your name)

    For your kind information, i have never quarantined koi before adding them to my pond. I dose the pond with Malachite green after adding new koi as a precautionary measure. This has been my standard procedure for some years now, after a big problem with flashing,parking and acrobatics. It has worked for me, and quite a few others as well.

    You will need to calculate 0.15 to 0.2gms per tonne (some hobbyists use higher calculation, but for me it is risky) Mix it into 1L of water, and stir for about 15 mins so that the crystals dissolve entirely. Be careful not to touch this solution, because it will stain and is hard to remove. The mixture is than added directly around the perimeter of the pond. Please do this at NIGHT only. Not during the day as the sun is a massive UV. UV light must also be switched off during the whole time. I usually repeat the procedure 2 nights later.

    For MG, you can try Yamakoshi Mura in tropicana. You can call Mr Mah 012 412 3383 to check whether they have first. If not, you can call Brother Zain 019 3333 675 who lives in klang.

    As mentioned by sis gerry, Kenkona has also received very positive reviews. However, I have not used it before and cannot comment. You may ask Mr Mah (Yamakoshi) about this product as well, as they both use and sell it.

    I hope this helps you. Regards.
  • hkl84hkl84 August 2013
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    bros, thanks for your advice. For now, i only observe flashing maybe once or twice in 15 minutes. The S1 and salt is probably working. I'll probably follow the advice of sis gerry on waiting for the salt and S1 to kick in more.

    But i am still wondering:
    1. when should i do water change? How much water change should i do? will the koi exposed to S1 for long kill them?
    2. when could i start feeding the koi again? and turn on the uv?
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar August 2013
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    During S1 treatment, koi's would purge a lot and loads of ammonia would be released. You would smell a bad odor coming from the water, a sign of high ammonia. You have to change 20% water daily basis and maintain 0.3% salt until all recovers

    Gud luck
  • eugeneeugene September 2013
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    Hi guys, I was told by Atarikoi, Tropicana that S1's potency is waning i.e. it's no longer as effective as it was in ages past due to bacteria, parasites getting more resistant to it. They (Atari) have a new formulation called SS2 which is more powerful and the recommended dosage amount is half compared to S1 which is great! Hope this helps.

    All the best.

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