New to caring for Koi
  • KeliikuewaKeliikuewa August 2013
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    I am so fortunate to have just inherited a pond with two remaining koi fish already in there. I am not to sure of there age or type. The pond is very big maybe 50'x50' im not to sure on the depth, its outdoors and has no pump. I have become fascinated and obsessed with koi rather quickly, Ive been reading a lot trying to learn as much as possible. Im looking for some advice on ways to add new koi and if they will even do good in a pond with no pump. I have never owned a pond or cared for fish in a pond before, but after I came across this pond and these two koi I was hooked. Any advice or information on caring for koi would be much appreciated. I hope to join the koi community and raise some beauties of my own!
  • mangkellmangkell August 2013
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    Any fotos of your pond & kois please:-D

    Welcome to KA...
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  • KeliikuewaKeliikuewa August 2013
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    Hopefully this week, I dont have a camera right now but ill get my hands on one. thanks for the welcome Im excited to learn as much as I can about Koi
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar August 2013
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    Welcome to the forum bro.

    Where are you from? Are you sure 50'X50'? That's one hell of a huge pond :O

    Please give more details of your pond bro. There's no way koi can survive a pond without water turnover unless it has a steady natural water stream to the pond. Whether there's water feature which can promote oxygen to pond, any form of water circulation, any filter chamber for dirts settlement, bottom drain, surface skimmer, etc etc.

    As I said, 50'X50' is a huge and a dream pond for most koi hobbyist. If it been setup properly, it would become koi heaven. Gud luck bro :)
  • KeliikuewaKeliikuewa August 2013
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    Whats up dude, Im from Hilo Hawaii. Yes its a huge pond I took a picture of it and tried to upload it but it was to big so I need to format it or something. Theres no steady stream I can see the pond has no current and theres only two Kois and a couple other fish that I dont know the type of. The water seems very clear dispite it being in the ground. the floor is mud and one side has a concrete edge and seems to be the deepest side. My goal is to make it a koi haven I plan on learning to breed and see how far I can take this pond. I cant wait to hear any ideas any of you have. I am very new to this last week I had never even thought about raising koi and now its all ive been thinking about.
  • HDCuHDCu August 2013
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    I think you can contact Kodama koi farm in Hawaii which specializes in Japanese Nishikigoi. They can help you out in setting up proper filtration for your pond.

  • KeliikuewaKeliikuewa August 2013
    Posts: 4
    thanks HDCu I will try contacting them although I am low on funding for the Koi pond. At the moment I am surprised they are even doing so good in this pond. Maybe I wont need a pump.

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