Koi in aquariums
  • SandraSandra August 2013
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    I have three koi in an aquarium. Tank size 121cm long, 56cm depth and 40cm sides. Each koi is 30cm long, a black chargoi, kohuku and a yellow ogon. Two strong filters with good circulation. Does any one know if my koi will live good in this tank size although they seem happy and swimming around good. The chargoi and kohuku are males and the yellow ogon female. How much light do they need in and aquarium during the day and any other good tips would be much appreciated. Thanks
  • kominatokominato August 2013
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    In my humble opinion, such medium size kois are too big for the width of the aquarium. Try to transfer them to a 3ft wide FGT. The view will also be better.
  • SandraSandra August 2013
    Posts: 7
    They seem to have enough room turning around though.
  • mangkellmangkell August 2013
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    For a temporary setup... can laa...

    And yes, they will live.... but like a prizon cell... who wanna lives there? :-?

    Welcome to KA... :-D
    Mickeyko Ducati-Kujamon Chagreemon Brabus#Sexy-Robust
  • SandraSandra August 2013
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    Well thanks guys for the inspiration. You dont have to be so negative. Im sure many koi enthusiasts started out poorly and learning as they go. Im not rich to set up such big koi ponds but i do intend on yes getting a bigger tank!!! Im not new to fish and aquariums but do realise this type of fish will need soon a bigger tank.
  • idrisidris August 2013
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    Dear Sandra,

    first of all, you asked for the people here opinion...and you get professionally and also by experience opinion...they advice you on how you will possibly end up...if you go through this forum, most of us is serious koi hobbyist...we buy, we groom and many of us send our koi to show...so, we need to have the best place to groom the koi and see the development...

    in your post you also mention that you realize this type fish will need soon a bigger tank..so basically you already have an answer to your question earlier but you need people here to agree with your plan and more of it to comfort your plan...so why bother asking anymore if you just going to disagree with other people opinion who truly want to help?

    theres a guide line within the serious hobbyist saying 1 koi per 1 ton(1000litre) of water..some of the hobbyist achieve this but some also end up more koi than water..so its not totally about the koi can turn or not inside your aquarium...its the space you can provide them for their best development...got the point???!

  • MfwleeMfwlee August 2013
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    Sandra - the problem is that Koi are not meant for small glass aquariums where hundreds of other species will thrive. They will quickly outgrow their environment, and you will likely end up with a lot of problems once this happens.
    Keeping Koi, if you have already decided on Koi, need not be too expensive so long as you make a few rules, and stick by them.

    Rule 1 - A ( minimum ) 6 foot fibreglass tank with filter / filter material / pump / aerator, can be bought for a reasonable price but this will still set you back close to a thousand ringgit. This is unavoidable if you chose to keep koi - and there are many who use this kind of a setup - like my friends who live in condos / apartments. They have no ambitions to raise championship fish - the hobby is just for their, and their family's enjoyment.

    The other rule ? - 3 adult koi will be near the maximum for this kind of set up if you want to keep them all happy. If an exciting one in the shop catches your eye - do not buy until you can get yourself to part with one of those at home.

    Best of luck !
    Mike Lee
  • SandraSandra August 2013
    Posts: 7
    Yep, ok thanks

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