Japanese Earthquake Tsunami TV Coverage 11/03/2011 at 13:40
  • tpsmaxwelltpsmaxwell March 2011
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  • Kelvin86Kelvin86 March 2011
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    Very sad to hear that... :( God will bless and all of them will be saved, Amen.
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  • tpsmaxwelltpsmaxwell March 2011
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  • ShukriShukri March 2011
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    I am speechless and very sad indeed for the people of Japan.......
    My heart is with the misfortuned ones. My prayers are for the survivors........
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  • ChengAunChengAun March 2011
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    God bless those who lost their precious things and especially those who lost their family. :-(
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  • AnuarAnuar March 2011
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    Bro Max, thanks for sharing, good coverage. I came home early, glued to the tv - and humbled by the Lord's test.
  • JoshuaChinJoshuaChin March 2011
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    May God bless Japan :-|
  • DanleeDanlee March 2011
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    Very sad indeed.... May God bless all those affected by this shocking disaster.
  • Denn7Denn7 March 2011
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    The devastation is relentless - a new but smaller earthquake (6.6 magnitude) has just struck Niigata as well....similar in magnitude as the previous earthquake which struck the area in 2007....
  • AndyGanAndyGan March 2011
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    Just got back from Niigata via Narita,Tokyo airport one day before the hit.

    Hoped all kois and ppl in Niigata are safe... God bless japan...
  • ikankoikauikankoikau March 2011
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    Bro Andy, you are lucky. Luckily I was not there. But I heard no aircraft is allowed to land in Narita. No landing means no aircraft for takeoff eventually.
    Niigata is confirmed to be affected but still unsure how bad it hits.
    May God bless all the people in Japan including the precious jewels.
  • etanoetano March 2011
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    Sucks...Niigata was hit this morning.


    I was trying to contact my friend, Hiroshi since yesterday noon. He managed to get in touch with me only late in the evening and reported that everything was okay in Niigata & Tokyo, but transportation in Tokyo has all stopped meaning that many people will have to sleep in offices over night.

    I couldn't get any update about Niigata from him today. Hopefully, not very serious. My thoughts are with them. Mark, please update if you read this.
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  • etanoetano March 2011
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    Update from Mark's tweet - Mushigame area is ok.
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  • tpsmaxwelltpsmaxwell March 2011
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  • markgardnermarkgardner March 2011
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    Amazingly Niigata seems to have survived the big hit it received at 4am local time Saturday completely unscathed, as well as the earlier and much smaller quakes (in Niigata) that hit during Friday. At least, any damage has not received much TV coverage as it pales into insignificance.

    Main concern on Japanese TV today has been the nuclear power stations.

  • JoshuaChinJoshuaChin March 2011
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    Thank God Niigata and all those Kois are find :) May God continue to bless all the people in Japan and have mercy on them. Amen
  • tpsmaxwelltpsmaxwell March 2011
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    Please pray for Japan.
  • AnuarAnuar March 2011
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  • jackyolkjackyolk March 2011
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  • tpsmaxwelltpsmaxwell March 2011
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    Hi Bro Jacky,
    I understand you perfectly. You have a good heart.

    All the best to you,
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  • tpsmaxwelltpsmaxwell March 2011
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    Hi Bro Anuar,
    So sad watching the video. Hope all are fine now. Dogs are also our most loyal friend and they don't expect anything in return accept your love and care. I will never neglect them.

    Best regards to you,
    --------- helpless ---------
  • AnuarAnuar March 2011
    Posts: 688
    Bro Max,

    I feel blessed from all these catastrophies - and there are plenty to learn. Very invaluable lesson indeed.

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