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  • RamdeoRamdeo August 2013
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    I bought 6 3 inch koi four months ago and feed them tree times per day. Twice with pellets and once with sweet potato, papaya and now I am trying avocado. The growth is fantastic. The size is now 5-6 inches. I think fruits and vegetables are responsible for rapid growth
  • grinkz01grinkz01 August 2013
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    as i knew rapid growth is result of protein and didnt think fruits/vegie as catalyst for rapid growth, but maybe yes for a healthier metabolism....i have isa showa grew from 37cm to 44 cm in just 2 months without any fruits though....your pellet + genetic shall be the suspect for rapid growth.
  • lautslauts August 2013
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    This was what being discussed in Bito quoting Matt Sklar " When there is not enough energy in a diet (fat) a koi will use protein for energy. When a koi uses protein for energy the by-product is ammonia released from the gill.
    When fat is included at higher levels the koi uses the fat to satisfy energy demands. This spares the protein from that burden allowing the protein to contribute to growth. Assuming an intact high quality protein such as fishmeal is used. "

    So growth via protein is possible only when sufficient fats ( mono and poly unsaturated is best) is consumed for daily energy needs. Avocados have high mono. fats so help in growth process by supplying to energy needs. Papayas and sweet potatoes are good for colours vibrancy , as they are high in carotenoids, like spirulina. There are many food rich in carotenoids , like greens. I have started feeding cut cubes of RED bell peppers and to my surprise the kois loved it.

  • HDCuHDCu August 2013
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    Bro Lauts,

    I question though the effect of feeding avocado long term to kois. There is no study with regards to that.Avocados are toxic to birds, horses and cattle. Even dogs and cats are not advised to be fed with avocado.
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  • lautslauts August 2013
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    Bro HDCu,

    Not aware that avocados are toxic to some animals , it was proposed as a good fat supplment . Here is what Matt said " The avocado may have good fats, however, it also has a lot of color in it that will make the whites yellow on the koi. "
    i will save the avocados for myself :-D , the kois can take the bell peppers etc.

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