body sores
  • christan1959christan1959 August 2013
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    Hi I have a 9,000 litre pond with 8 koi averaging 50cm each. Two of them have developed body sores - one red blotches and the other with an open wound-like sore which the clown loathes and barbs are nipping on. Anyone with a remedy that works? One carton of beer awaits.
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  • kominatokominato August 2013
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    First thing is to isolate them. While giving more details n pics for further advice, consider a salt bath.
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar August 2013
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    Welcome to the forum bro.

    Where are your from?
    Open wounds must be treated immediately as it's easily infected by bacteria. As bro Kominato suggest, immediate isolation and salt bath will be a help. Please share some pics for further advices from sifu's

    Gud luck
  • christan1959christan1959 August 2013
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    hi i am from singapore.

    another tragedy as i write this: my oldest fish just keeled over - no external signs of injury, no gasping or no loss of appetite leading to this. just keeled over overnight.

    i am thinking of giving up and switch to hardier fish.
  • k0kwa1k0kwa1 August 2013
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    got flashing symptoms b4 tis ?
  • ShukriShukri August 2013
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    Use Blagdon Anti Ulcer medication. Your kois have internal bacteria infection......
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  • christan1959christan1959 August 2013
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    thanks Shukri. will try. but will post tragic photos for all the sifus to inspect... methinks koi may not be suitable for local water/climate... and i dont hv funds to install chiller for 9,000-litre pond.
  • christan1959christan1959 August 2013
    Posts: 12
    sorry... my photos are too big. does anyone know how to resize to fit the 200k limit?
  • HDCuHDCu August 2013
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    Hi Christian,

    You can try posting your pictures in photobucket and then copy the image link to your discussion page.

    Kois are successfully raised in South East Asian countries. There is no need to install a chiller as it will not stop the koi from getting ulcer or sick. Maintaining good water condition thru regular filter maintainance, proper feeding and healthy water change will prevent your kois from getting sick while your kois will thrive at the same time. The only purpose of a chiller is to improve the shine of the kois which can be accomplish other ways.
  • christan1959christan1959 August 2013
    Posts: 12
    Hi HDCu, how do u maintain high water quality? I have 7 kois, clean my filter twice a year, and flush once a month. What else must I do?
  • HDCuHDCu August 2013
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    How about you start on understanding that bad bacteria is what is causing ulcers and all sorts of bacteria you koi is experiencing now.

    Your filter is like your kois toilet where all the organic decomposing waste will settle. the faster you remove the waste from the system which includes in your filter, the less chance bad bacteria will multiply that can harm your kois. Clean your mechanical filters and bio filters more often. Flush your settlement daily if you can. Your kois will appreciate it.
  • mangkellmangkell August 2013
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    <blockquote rel="christan1959">Hi HDCu, how do u maintain high water quality? I have 7 kois, clean my filter twice a year, and flush once a month. What else must I do?</blockquote>


    First time I heard in here... Flush once a month...:O

    Bro... A Koi Kichi will flush daily....

    A Koi Hobbyist will flush twice weekly....Like me....He..He.. :-D

    The longest I tried is 2 weeks....But subject to my daily 100% water change by dripping...

    Monthly flushing???.... :-"
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  • christan1959christan1959 August 2013
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    Unfortunately my system was constructed in such a way that when flushing is done, one-third of the water goes out too. That's 3,000 litres. If I flush every day, I will go broke very soon. I live in Singapore, where even water is expensive.
  • HDCuHDCu August 2013
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    Hi Christian,

    I suggest you buy yourself a pondvac so you can vacuum the bottom waste in your settlement chamber without removing enough water.
  • christan1959christan1959 August 2013
    Posts: 12
    hmmm... will consider. Thanks HDCu.
    meanwhile, one tsurumi pump just died.
    it seems everything is going wrong with the pond!
  • russellrussell August 2013
    Posts: 48
    Hi Chris,

    Don't give up. I am sure everything will stabilize eventually. Equipment failure and sick kois are all part of the hobby.

    No need chiller, I have been keeping Kois in Singapore for 2 years now and they are doing fine without chiller. Keeping water clean is key that's why flushing is very important.

    How's the kois now? Perhaps I can come visit and help you take a look?
  • NicodemusNicodemus August 2013
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    Hi Chris
    Just intrude. I think u have too much DOC in your water. Flushing once a month is way too long. It should be at least once a week and clean your filter media. I agree with bro Mangkell. Take care of water and water will take care of your kois. :-D

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