Modern vs Conventional filter
  • LumLum August 2013
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    Previously I have promise to give a brief rundown on modern filter. I am not trying to convince anybody to change side as I am pretty sure I may be the only one using 100% bead filtration in comparison with the rest using 50/50 or none.
    Disclosure: I am not from waterco hence no benefit gain from your choice.
    Credibility: Ability to design a radiation bunker with knowledge in photon, neutron, electron and proton beam. Ability to design koi pond =0
    Experience: Copy a Dato pond design and filter system including 100% cover to minimize external factor but of course in mini size. No space/budget constraint. Use it for about a year or more
    1) Water clarity never crystal or see through
    2) Bad odour attracts insects
    3) Submerge UV attracts large lizards living in filter and amount of insect dying in it is staggering
    4) Things that wriggle in the filter under sunlight gives me the creep
    5) Cleaning the filter is a big chore that to do it alone is real back breaking and I do pay helpers to do it
    I love this hobby but I cant stand the creepy things.

    My pond then leak and from the amount of customer fish in the koi shop I think it is extremely common. Contractor cannot determine the leak whether it is from main pond, filter pond or from the many piping. I nearly give up and my fish was decimated nearly 90%.I have to give permission to seal up everything and recement the pond and extra water proofing. Pond become smaller and shallow.
    Ask Mr Mah(yamakoshi) for help and take his recommendation and now I have a waterco 750 suppose to able to maintain upto 50kg of fish but I think the max about 30kg is more appropriate. I can drain the pond, clean the beads and do backwash in 20 min with press of buttons and lever. Water clarity is good but still have midge fly and spider. The UV is connected and enclose. Now I am enjoying the hobby with time for koi and not filter.
    As for the request on my fish and growth it will be in another posting. The photo use for illustration is 6 months old but just to proof a point
    Conclusion: Like a car you can choose manual or auto but the most important is the journey.
  • JamesJames August 2013
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    Do u feel a sandstorm coming? :-))

    Key is the willingness to share and the spirit of agree to disagree. Firstly, you are not the only one on 100% bead. I know at least 2 other people using solely bead and I have not been active of late. So I am sure there are more.

    Secondly, never doubted that bead does help improve water clarity/quality. But it is an expensive gadget to add to the pond especially for those who are building it new. Just like when you buy a car, some people like to soup it up immediately, some prefer to add things later.

    Thirdly, there are many gadgets that can generate clear water results for your koi pond. And for covered ponds, to keep it clear is not as challenging. I am not sure if bead alone is going to be a favourite. BTW and FYI, latest experiment is using hydrogen induced water.

    Finally and perhaps most importantly, the objective of koi keeping. I for one keep totally show kois (IMHO anyways) hence some may not share my methods/views. For me, I always believe let your koi tell the tale. I do not measure any parameters in my pond until I sense abnormal behaviour and measure to confirm my observations. Whilst I have a bead, I do not rely fully on it because there are many pumps that I maintain in the pond for other purpose than to circulate water. Also there are other parameters that we can also play with to improve koi's condition and without a filter chamber it becomes difficult. I have always advocated great skin, superb beni to green water, which in a totally bead filter's case will never occur.
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  • HDCuHDCu August 2013
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    Why does it take a total of twenty minutes to backwash this bead filter? How much power is required to run and backwash? How many liters of water is needed to backwash?

    How long did the filter cycle?

  • LumLum August 2013
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    20 minutes is the time taken to do everything.
    My workhorse is a single submersible pump which does everything. Mine is a china brand draining at 25000l/hr.
    To agitate the beads in the chamber takes only 20 seconds
    Drainage and backwash of the beads in the chamber uses water from your own pond.
    In short everything is easy and effortless
  • HDCuHDCu August 2013
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    I can understand a bead filter is a very good mechanical filter but how good is it as a bio filter considering by itself. What is your present ammonia and nitrite reading?
  • MfwleeMfwlee August 2013
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    I also have added ( about 4 months ago ) a bead filter to my 2 vortex + sedimentation tank system but have resisted commenting because I was in a culling phase - new fish in from the growing up F/G tanks, and unwanted fish disposed off - not a reliable time to make any conclusions. Now that I am nearing the end of this phase, things are beginning to settle down a bit.
    My Ammonia and Nitrite levels have always been non readable, but I suspect that my Nitrate levels have been creeping up despite by 20% weekly water changes. The figures this morning 3 hours after a water change were between 40 - 80 ppm.
    As confessed, still a bit early because of the changes in stocking levels over the last 8 weeks, and will monitor more closely from now on.
    The funny thing is that the Nitrate levels used to be more often in the 20 - 40 ppm range when I did not have the bead filter as a booster.
    Mike Lee
  • grinkz01grinkz01 August 2013
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    bro james...why is bead filter cant help to improve beni (or create green water?) is it coz by absence of bio filter?

    bro lum..what is ur pond size? and u dont have any filter chamber at all?
  • ShukriShukri August 2013
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    It is really an interesting read for me, i.e. I believe I am one of the earlier ones that have converted to a Waterco Bead filtration from an up down traditional filtration. I have my own reasons why I have converted, and many hobbyists and friends here in this Forum know my reasons.

    I am using the biggest model i.e. ASM 900. And I am using this primarily for BIO Filtration, contrary to some that uses the Bead Filtration for both Mechanical & Biological filtrations. The solid wastes are being taken care off by the two Multicyclones that I have in my design. Bead filters IMHO, work very well if they serve primarily for Bio Filtration. The mechanical filtration needs to be handle by something else.............

    And believe me, the readings of the Ammonia, Nitrites & Nitrates are no different when compared to the traditional filtration. It is all about the Bio load, once you know the Bio Load, and keep this in balance, you will be fine.

    Overall, Bead Filtration works well for me............... You will have to do it right with the design and all................
    In Koianswers Forum, no one individual is above the rest. This is the Forum for the Koi Community.
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