Which is which?Regarding KHV
  • dhoncavedhoncave February 2011
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    after quarantining a seemingly healthy young koi for 3 days,out of occasional impatience.i added it to my stock of 18 young kois.after a week the new koi and one of my old stock shows signs of lethargy,then white spots appears,falling scales.then on the third week my old koi which got sick died.but the newly introduce koi still lives but already malnourished because it wouldn't eat.upon inspection it showed notch on the nose and some white patches on the gills so i decided to remove it and kill it immediately.i haven't tried laboratory test for KHV yet.so i'll just ask what you guys can say about this incident.from what i read when a KHV is introduce 80% to 90% of your stock will die.but it seems that the other way around is happening it's almost a month and the rest are still healthy,feeding well and showing no signs of infection.

    if it is KHV does that mean more than 90% of my stock is immune or is already a carrier of khv?

    i've also read that notch in the nose,gill necrosis doesn't always mean khv,so is this just a false alarm?
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  • ChengAunChengAun February 2011
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    hi Dhon,
    i dont think your fish could have KHV. KHV is a very very contagious
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  • ikankoikauikankoikau February 2011
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    Did you check the gills? Any evidence of rotten gills? White spot or fungus could be secondary effect of bacteria infection. Personally I dont think it was KHV.
  • dhoncavedhoncave February 2011
    Posts: 6
    thank you so much guys,i was really starting to panic out.
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