Raise the salt level to between 0.3 - 0.5% whenever you do a complete cleanup of the Filter Chambers
  • ShukriShukri October 2010
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    Whenever you do a complete clean up of the filter chambers, it is strongly recommended that you raise the salt level to between 0.3 - 0.5%. This will keep the parasites and the bacteria in check since some will escape to the main pond. This will also eliminate unnecessary flashing in the kois. In a few days, you can lower the salt level to your desired level.
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  • idrisidris February 2012
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    what is the ideal salt level bro shukri???
  • wongyengwongyeng February 2012
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    I thot salt level of 0.5% is good for koi ?
  • idrisidris February 2012
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    Need our sifu here help to clarified...
  • JamesJames February 2012
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    Salt is one method but not the only one. Depends what works for you. And I suppose size of pond matters. Also frequency of washing. Can u imagine 40ton washing every 3 weeks. Die d...
  • DK76DK76 February 2012
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    Shukri,0.3-0.5 % salt level after 100% filter clean up.Will the fishes adapt to such sudden salinity level at one go or do you add on as daily basis till said salt amount?just another thought will such % kill the beneficial bacteria left in bio chamber media which normally I just rinsed with pond water.
  • heng84heng84 February 2012
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    i notice 1 or 2 of my kois gulping if my salt reaches 0.4++ because of my lowered do , and besides salt what can i use after chamber cleaning? seldom use salt already cos i buy in 40kg quantity have to carry from car to my house a bit taxing to my back.. kaka
  • hsleehslee February 2012
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    salt will immediately shoot up the TDS level, and it always take me weeks to bring the reading down to an idea level.....anybody can suggest a fastest way to bring down the TDS after adding salt ?
  • lautslauts February 2012
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    Bro Lee,

    You realize how difficult to bring down the salt level. Salt may be cheap to buy but not cheap to use anymore considering the water change necessary to take away the salt. No other way except water change, and reduction in salt % is on reducing balance basis so hell of a lot of water changes. My TDS is now 70-80, use to be 90-110 , source water is 35-40.

    Salt is helpful if after massive water change, you have nitrite problem else why salt? Why the need to do 100% filter cleaning at one go? There was post on salt written by D.Griffith posted here by Paul, read up on it before deciding to use/not use it.


  • HDCuHDCu February 2012
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    Instead of salting, I would suggest if it is necessary to completely clean out all the filters at the same time
    1. One week before scheduled cleaning is to stop feeding. Kois are less susceptible to stress when they have an empty digestive system plus ammonia and nitrite is very minimal by the time you clean out the filters.
    2. During cleaning time, increase aeration to increase water pond circulation. Make sure where the kois will park during cleanup time should have no dead spot.
    3. Make sure during cleaning of filters no unwanted debris will flow to the pond as such clean thoroughly with pond water including filter walls.
    4. Reseeding the filter with good bacteria enzymes will help speed the process of rebuilding the bacteria lost.
    5. Do Not feed for at least three days after cleanup to observe any problems with koi. If there is any then salt should be introduced. After three days, feed lightly and increase gradually.
  • ShukriShukri February 2012
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    Please be reminded that there are ponds out there with 0% salt level, and the fishes are fine without a problem.
    As for me whenever I wash my filter chamber (100%), I will do this like once every 3 to 4 months. From my experience, what I have noticed is that what every parasite(s) and bacteria (may it be good or bad) often then not will escape (or migrate) to the main pond causing the fish to flash and behave weirdly due to the presence of these organisms. If you do not add salt, these weird behaviors will stop in 3 to 4 days time. But when I add salt, the fishes behaved normal.
    The answer is 'YES' that you do not have to put the salt in one go, because a sudden change in high concentration of salt can put your fishes in shock.

    I have a 30 ton pond, and I have done 90% water changes in one go many times, and to date I have no casualty. I have dump 40 Kg of salt in one go per 24 hours until reaching 0.5% at times when medicating up to 0.7% salt) and none of my fishes have died so far.
    Many people talked through experience, and I am one of them...... :-D
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  • KaajKaaj February 2012
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    Bang Shukri,
    The guy who maintained my pond every 3 months would also add salt. Here is how he would do it :
    Assuming it is a 10ton pond and you have cleaned and flushed all the chambers (30%), then you are left with 7tons of water. He would then add salt based on 7 tons for 1 day only. No feeding during this time. The next day start topping water back up till 10 tons. Start feeding again. Thereafter it is down to regular water top-ups and backflush to reduce the salinity.

    According to him, it is a preventive measure since bacteria has been removed from the filter chambers.
  • ikankoikauikankoikau February 2012
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    Like what bro Lau has said, decide properly before using salt either for treatment, offsetting nitrite or stress reducer. For treatment, there are medication which don't go well with salt.

    Personally I have stopped using salt for quite sometimes. On this topic, after a huge water change(pond renovation for e.g), you can use salt to reduce nitrite effect. Up to 0.3% salt is good for reducing stress or offsetting nitrite. 0.5% mainly for medication or quarantine. That is why in most koi show, organizer will set up salinity to 0.3%.

    I have 7 wet chambers. Yesterday I have cleaned and drained 5 chambers. Easily it's about 25-30% water change. Very seldom I clean that much but need a good exercise. Actually I have stopped adding Vivakoi into the food for a month just to see the different of waste produced. I have been using it for quite sometimes already. But to my surprice, the dirt on the bottom floor of the 3 first chambers was too much for me not to bother. So started adding Vivakoi again this morning.

    After completion, I noticed 5 of the kois were flashing but it didnt last long. As for this morning, everything is back to normal. Water parameter is normal, zero Ammonia and Nitrite. I guessed the flashing is due to change of PH. I suggest if your kois continue flashing for more than a day or when Nitrite increase, then salt will be handy. If not, just reduce feeding(don't stop) and allow good bacteria do develop. Normally it will get back to norm quite fast. So far I noticed, with the same filter set up and just washing the chambers or water change up to 70%, hardly any ammonia or nitrite present even with normal feeding. I believed the good bac exist in the water and on pond wall too. Normally it builds up very fast.

    For more than a year, my ponds have zero salinity. If big water change with same filtration media, I would just perform normal feeding and carry out partial water change 5 to 10% for the next 2 days to deal with any abnormality. By doing this, you will reduce ammonia and nitrite level. With normal feeding amount, the water PH will go back to it's normal value and it helps to increase bac colonisation fast.

    On sudden change of salinity, I would go up to 0.3%. Then to
    0.5% the next day. Beside quarantine and medication, this is a good way to change or get rid of the koi's protecting slime. New layer will result better shiroji. I think some kichis have tried this many times. ;-)

    Hope I will not cause any confusion on this topic. The good part, you have two options, with or without salt as per bro Shukri recommendation. But if you plan properly(which I am not :-D ), you can always avoid big percentage of water change.

  • kenny001kenny001 February 2012
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    I am a bit out of topic but I would like to share my experience. My pond size is only 10 tonnes including filter and I need to do complete cleanup every 1.5 mths n I never use salt before. I only add microbe-lift after each cleanup. So far so good.

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