the pond of Jean Marc
  • aquatechnobelaquatechnobel June 2013
    Posts: 88

    Watts happens in France ?

    The koi hobby is new in France, but she try to make better ponds now, so I show you a few example of watt happens there

    As first example, a koi pond of 100m³ and another of 750m² natural pond

  • HDCuHDCu June 2013
    Posts: 1,117
    Thank you for sharing.

    Very beautiful formal pond and very scenic bog pond.
    Interesting filtration setup for the 100 ton pond. I wonder how it will hold up if there is a blanket weed problem.
  • aquatechnobelaquatechnobel June 2013
    Posts: 88
    no blanket weed to see in the pond but he use salt 2gr/l constant

    but he nose also that he don't have en enough biology in is filter, he will add one line more with Japanese mats

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