When do i put my koi back in pond after qt
  • Hammer619Hammer619 June 2013
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    My koi had mouth rot and i treated him in a qt tank with nitrofuracin green powder and did 25% water changes every day for two weeks now. he lost a little bit of his lower jaw. The bottom part of his jaw that is missing is still a little red. is it just a scar? When can i put him back in the pond? let me know what i can do to fix it so i can put him back with the others
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  • ShukriShukri June 2013
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    Hi Hammer619,
    Welcome to the Forum. Looks like a bacteria infection. If untreated, could be fatal as mouth rot is lethal. If the koi responds to the antibiotics treatment, the koi should be OK after a week or two. Once the mouth is back to normal with no more signs or ulcer or mouth rod, you can put the koi back to the pond........

    Cheers, and have a nice day..........
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