Haze on water condition
  • paksengpakseng June 2013
    Posts: 42
    Dear bros & sis

    I am worried about the impact of the current haze pollution on our pond water condition, particularly the open air ones. What are the preventions one cud take to avoid serious problems that may arise from the sustained impact from the haze which is expected to last a few weeks if not months ? Any advice appreciated from those with the knowledge and experience. Thank you.
  • lautslauts June 2013
    Posts: 1,248

    No worries , they will be fine unless water source is impacted. Wash your air pump filter more often is one thing you could do.

  • jsoh77jsoh77 June 2013
    Posts: 15
    Actually the problem will be when it rain ?
  • TomyCTomyC June 2013
    Posts: 103
    Trickle water in 24/7 to dilute the pond's nasties.
  • paksengpakseng July 2013
    Posts: 42
    Thank you bros for the feedback... I guess the issue is if it rains during thick haze the PH swing wud be trouble for the kois but if the pond has a certain size with enough buffer such as corals in filter media then the PH swing wud be minimized. NTL it is still important to monitor water parameters more closely when there is haze and rain.
  • lautslauts July 2013
    Posts: 1,248

    Main concern what is in the rain water not only pH fluc which is easy to manage. With the many chemicals from burning forests , induced rain la, pesticides used in plantation now burned . This is of concern. I think water change at least a 20% is in order. For pH if there is any fluctuation just use Soda Bicarbs to stabilize , if your oyster buffers and water management is good pH should remain firm.


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