Under Water Video of my Koi pond
  • russellrussell June 2013
    Posts: 48
    I got a water proof (nikon) camera recently and took an under-water video of my koi pond. Seeing my leader kois trying to eat the camera was hilarious. Anyway I thought it was nice to see the koi fishes from the side instead of the top. Just wanted to share with you guys the video.

  • puathiantatpuathiantat June 2013
    Posts: 127
    haha , under attack by koi :-))
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar June 2013
    Posts: 1,763
    :-)) :-))
    Looks gud (Y)
  • paksengpakseng June 2013
    Posts: 42
    Wow ... superb video .. super clarity and dept of field...very nice lah. I use my Samsung S3 and put it in a waterproof bag but the video has very little dept showing the kois as almost all the same size which it isnt. BTW I cud see you have a very nice air diffusing in the farground. Mind telling me what type you use ? Thank you in advance bro :-)
  • jangjang June 2013
    Posts: 63
    what are those small fishes? guppies? :) small fishes as koi food?
  • smokersmoker June 2013
    Posts: 715
    Nice video Bro Russell. nice kois, nice water, very entertaining for silent night like this. (Y) :-D

    that ochiba just can't stop eating :-))
  • KoiBeginnerKoiBeginner June 2013
    Posts: 234
  • russellrussell June 2013
    Posts: 48
    Hi thanks for all the comments.

    Bro Pakseng, those are just airstones. I have 6 of them powered by a highblow-80.

    Bro Jang, those small fishes are black emperor tetra. They are not food, I put 20 of them last year just to incase there were mosquitoes lavaes but they strive and multiplied. I use to put guppies but i think because of the colourful bodies my kois actually chase them down and eat them. The black emperor tetra are darker and harder to spot.


    Bro Smoker, you are right the Ochiba and my Chagois are amazing eaters and will eat anything. hahaha! :-))

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