Tsurumi Water pump recommendation
  • teohvsteohvs June 2013
    Posts: 14
    Good morning all KoiAnswer's bro,
    I need help from any sifu to recommend correct sized Tsurumi water pump for my fibre glass tank (10 feet length x 6 feet width x 3.5 feet depth). It is placed in the ground. The water pump will have 6 outlet (25mm pvc ). I am staying in Shah Alam.
  • teohvsteohvs June 2013
    Posts: 14
  • KChongKChong June 2013
    Posts: 348
    Hi Teohvs,

    Based on the dimension of your pond which is about 6mton water, I would say a pump with an output of 10 -15mton should be enough.

    By the way, do your pond have filter chamber?

  • teohvsteohvs June 2013
    Posts: 14
    Hi Kelvin,

    The pic is not that clear.

    Further higher up in the picture is the filter chamber beside the wall.

    Teoh VS

  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar June 2013
    Posts: 1,763
    Hi Teoh,

    As Bro Kelvin suggest, 10-15 ton pump is sufficient :)

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