• ImjchalkleyImjchalkley May 2013
    Posts: 2
    I was given an orange koi almost 1.5 years ago. We have a little over 1500 gals with 3 15-19 inch koi and 3 small gold fish. Today I came home to find my orange koi dead. We pulled him out of the water and inspected him. No noticeable fit rot, ulcers, bruising ect. He was eating normal yesterday with no attitude changes. Water test are normal and have been treating the pond with melafix attached a picture. Am I missing something that someone else see as a problem or could this be old age?
  • kominatokominato May 2013
    Posts: 408
    I assume water parameters ok, no sudden downpour etc. No fertiliser leak from garden plants etc
  • MfwleeMfwlee May 2013
    Posts: 355
    If water parameters are fine, and it only happened to one fish ( normally the bigger fellas ), sudden and random loss like this could be oxygen related. Also check, was there a power failure when you were away ? A power leak ? Lightning strike nearby ? This kind of an incident can be baffling as often not all are affected.
    Mike Lee
  • ShukriShukri May 2013
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    Welcome to the Koianswers Forum. Normally, fishes show symptoms before they die. Minute or subtle differences are there but mostly unnoticed. A 1.5 years old koi is by no mean, old. Your koi could have suffered a heart attack, internal bacteria infection, BGD (bacteria gill disease) etc. An internal organ could have failed. If it is a female, could be egg impaction. What do you do an autopsy?
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  • grinkz01grinkz01 May 2013
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    hi..want to share my latest loss too....male kohaku 76cm...i thought 4 years old already.

    when i went out for biztrip everything was ok all kois ate agressively as usual. but when i cameback i found out this kohaku lying aside at bottom of pond. try to inject more air blower directly to pond but didnt help. when i touch him he will swim a while but goback lying at bottom. this condition last for 7 days and nothing changed. then i decided to put into QT added in salt + antibiotic given by my friend. after 3 days he finally passed away....no weird signs on body, no redddish no ulcers nothing. all looks ok...
    wondering why this is happening?
  • ImjchalkleyImjchalkley May 2013
    Posts: 2
    All parameters where fine when we checked it last night. I unfortunately do not know how old he was he was given to us 1.5 year ago. When we got him he was the same size as now. Wouldn't the melafix treat internal infections as well?
    I wish I could get my picture to upload

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