Euregio 2013 koi show the Grand Champion
  • aquatechnobelaquatechnobel May 2013
    Posts: 88

    The Grand Champion of the Euregio 2013 Koi Show
    Le Grand Champion de Euregio 2013 Koi Show

    Koi Consult with a Sakai Fish Farm koi

    ATB TV production 2013
  • ShukriShukri May 2013
    Posts: 4,881
    Congratulation to the winners..............

    A worthy GC.........

    Did I hear that the koi won 4 times as GC or the owner has won 4 times?
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  • MikeMike May 2013
    Posts: 346
    Wow ...
  • aquatechnobelaquatechnobel May 2013
    Posts: 88
    yes 4 times in a row but not only the GC but the double GC and Baby Champion

    Very hight performance for Thomas, he can make the good koi selection in Japan but he prove that he can also keep a fish in good state and that is very important because the GC of last year is the same fish this year with more body and grow

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