Egg impaction problems in kois
  • lautslauts June 2015
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    Bro HDCu,

    Female kois will continually produce egg thro out the year , that is my understanding. The amount and stage of egg developement will probably be determined by the feed amount and many other factors. More on this later.
    i am surprised that even after 3 weeks solid fasting in start of Feb did not help. I think the eggs was already developed with earlier heavy and high protein feeding Nov to end Jan and continues from Mar to April.

    One of the kois mama Dainichi which laid eggs was occasionally resting at bottom for few weeks prior, since egg released has been more active and no more resting at bottom. 2 reasons: either the egg or 2 antibiotic jab did the job. The other mama Seijuro has been more active too with a smaller stomach load (Y), she never rest at bottom . I have been using Remedor Aquatic to reduce coliforms and bad bacterias few weeks before and after spawning to avoid bact issues. Also for fries , they are doing well after 1 week old.

    Some observations;
    a) Is fasting effective in avoiding egg problem in our tropical climate? We hear reabsorbed , it did not happen for me with 3 weeks fasting.
    b) Any problem to just leave the eggs in koi and not spawn them?
    c) Compared with other hobbyist , i am feeding very little at 0.3-0.5% daily of feed yes mix high protein to basic 35% i think.

    With 1 day fasting weekly , I still get 500g healthy eggs , this is same amount of eggs i saw from Summer video in Nishikigoi TV. Kois were being artificially bred in Maruju or Kanno (?) farm , female size abt 70+cm same as mine. These Japanese koi farm mamas would have been conditioned with heavy feeding for the spawn , mine was not , mine yes longer feeding period and but low feeding amt. Result was the same , hence how to feed to avoid having eggs ? IMHO not possible , not to have eggs.

    I am sure there are many more egg laden female in other hobbyist pond. Question is how not to get in trouble with egg laden females. i think use of Ovaprim is one solution if your females are really heavily egg laden. Some preparation is needed to keep good water low in coliforms before and after spawning. I am getting another QT to continue with my egg release programme with Ovaprim with another female , will keep you guys updated.

    Hope it helps those with egg issues cos i think earlier use of Ovaprim and on spawning was very negative .


  • wklimwklim June 2015
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    Thanks a lot for the sharing, Bro TS. Looking forward to your future updates.
    Sorry for your jumbo koi loss.
  • lautslauts September 2016
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    :-D .
    Bumped up for benefits of some koi kichis with recent short term sinking problem. Try egg release.


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