KOHAKU KOI Loosing Red Colour - Is this a Disease?
  • kumarishnakumarishna December 2010
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    Hi All,

    Can you pls advice me why my kohaku koi fish is loosing colour.
    Any reason? I bought my Kohaku 2 month ago and noticed now that its start loosing the red colour.
    Pls advice ya.
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  • ashfaqashfaq December 2010
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    Kindly share your Kohaku Pic.
    Ashfaq from India-Chennai
  • Kelvin86Kelvin86 December 2010
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    Check your water parameter and sometimes the fish stress the colour might loose out.
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  • KaajKaaj December 2010
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    There are various possibilities for your koi loosing color.
    1. The koi is gaining size fast, and the beni (red patches) are getting stretched. This effect makes the beni look thinner.
    2. You are not feeding color food. Koi do not have the ability to produce red color. Hence the onus is on YOU to provide it with color enhancement - carotine.
    3. You water perimeters are not good. The koi is therefore stressed.
    4. It has hikui, and the beni is becoming patchy. There is no cure for this.

    The immediate recommendation -
    1. Start doing daily water change in your pond between 5-10%
    2. Start feeding color food.

    Best regards.
  • kumarishnakumarishna December 2010
    Posts: 90
    Kaaj - Thank you very much for your advice.
    I notice that with the regular water change and maintain the water quality its improved and stabilize the koi color.
    Did use S1 and have changed my fish food to spirulina food.

    Bro- any advice in using UV. I have just bought and install UV light as well.
  • KaajKaaj December 2010
    Posts: 376
    Hi Kumar,
    Good to hear abt the improvement. Daily Water changes are imperative in maintaining good health for the koi.

    If you have a traditional filter set-up, the UV light should be installed in your pump chamber. Do not switch off the UV light unless you are administering medication to the pond. Most hobbyists use the submersible type.
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