Merry Xmas
  • koianswerskoianswers December 2010
    Posts: 61
    We wish to take this opportunity to wish all koi hobbyist a Merry Christmas and A Koifull 2011.. May the coming holidays bring lots of joy and laughters to everyone.. (rock)
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  • ripclawzripclawz December 2010
    Posts: 15
    Season's Greeting and Advanced Happy New Year to all... Merry X'mas


  • ChengAunChengAun December 2010
    Posts: 925
    Merry X'mas To All And A Happy New Year..
    Hopefully We Can Enjoy A New Year Of Koi Keeping And Have More Hobbyists Coming..
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  • AndySittAndySitt December 2010
    Posts: 560
    To all fellow koi kichi... Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas..

  • koikaikoikai December 2010
    Posts: 4
    hi you all,
    thanks for greatings,
    how is the weather in your country,
    our pond looks like little yamakoshi.
    deep snow.
    merryxmas to you all
    Posts: 50
    Wishing everybody Merry X'mas and enjoy the holiday.

    S.B. Sridhar

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