what has happened to my koi?
  • kumakuma May 2013
    Posts: 4
    www.koianswers.com/discussion/download/12879/koi 1.jpg
  • sleepymansleepyman May 2013
    Posts: 102
    Bro, very sorry to see your koi in this state...

    Looks like multiple ulcers and lesions..

    Have u asked the koi dealer in your area?

    Or anyone who knows re medication can help?

    Hope it can get well soon.
  • kumakuma May 2013
    Posts: 4
    no bro i've released it in a river near my place. couldnt see it in this condition. and i was afraid it might infect my other fishes. pretty sure they are already infected but not as bad as this poor fella :( the koi dealer said the best i can do is by using dimillin. if you look closely you can see a huge amount of parasite on its body. i have no idea how it got infected.
  • ray2kray2k May 2013
    Posts: 96
    From the 1st photo, can clearly see it's fish lice. Dimilin 1g/ton and you need 3 doses over 2-3 weeks. Your other fish probably have it too. The timeframe is so that the reproductive cycle is interrupted and as the older lice die, the newer/younger ones cannot develop and also die off. Finally none left to attack your fish or reproduce.

    It probably came with infected fish / water.

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