Reverse Osmosis water for our pond
  • sivakoisivakoi April 2013
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    Dear All,

    Anyone has direct source water going into reverse osmosis and into the pond. Do you see any benefit on using RO water for the pond. Any sifu care to share.

  • ray2kray2k April 2013
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    Large public aquaria use RO for their saltwater tanks. RO removes a most of theminerals and stuff in the water. So this allows the public aquaria to control the exact minerals and nutrients to make up the water.

    Personally, I don't think it is a good idea to use it for fishes because the trace elements and nutrients are necessary for fish health. Unless you are prepared to add them in yourself.

    Too much trouble for me.

    Having said all that, I must say I have no experience of using RO for fishes.
  • smokersmoker April 2013
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    Have seen some fellow kichis use it to have water source with low tds, as low as 10-20.
    RO will let you have the luxurious low tds (20) water for your pond, but certainly with some costs for RO and maintenance.

    It's been said that water with low tds will benefit many for our kois.
  • niveknivek April 2013
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    Would imagine that it will take a few days to generate that much RO to fill up a pond. I'm lucky to have a water source of TDS 16.
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar April 2013
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    I have double filter for incoming water.
    1st: Membran filter: takes care solids
    2nd: Carbon filter: Chlorine and others.

    My incoming water have low TDS, as low as 35 :-D
  • lautslauts April 2013
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    We are all quite lucky in Msia , most TDS around 30-50 ppm. Our bros in the UK will have to contend with TDS of 300-400ppm and the top hobbyists there uses RO extensively to counter this. High TDS was claimed to cause stray sumis , poor shine/luster and poor skin quality.
    But this does not mean very low TDS is the way to go. Purely using RO, usually 0 TDS containing nil minerals is not good either. If you read articles from Snaden on mud pond water, you will find they actually have TDS around 40-90. Issue is what makes up the TDS is the main point.
    By using RO unit for inflow , you can achieve low TDS. Then only increase in TDS will come from fish waste and anything else added like feed, meds , salts etc , all bad TDS. Still low TDS but still poor water.

    You can supplement the water with good clay for re-mineralisation, you will need lots of it. Any one needs clay ?? :-)) :-))

  • smokersmoker April 2013
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    Wah Bros, you guys in malaysia are lucky. (Y)

    In my place, the tds is around 60-65, i don't use RO though. In some cities like Jakarta, the tds can go up to 200.
  • J73J73 April 2013
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    my opinion is that, RO/UF is not suitable for koi ponds. Normal household use already requires daily backwash in order to prevent the UF Filter to be blocked. From my experience, using FRP tank size 10" diameter 35" height filled with approx 40kg zeolite. the filter was clogged in less than 30 minutes operating. and zeolite has the capability to filter up to 20 micron. So if a 20 micron deepbed sand filter can get clogged in less than 30 minutes, i seriously cannot imagine a RO/UF filter than can filter up to 0.001 - 0.0001 micron will take how fast to get clogged. my humble one cent
  • smokersmoker April 2013
    Posts: 715
    Bro J, i think it's use for water source, not as pond water filtration.
  • J73J73 April 2013
    Posts: 56
    oh mistake...if its used to refill the tank, i suppose you dont need RO. Just install a UF membrane will do the job. :)

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