My new pond
  • SsmannSsmann April 2013
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    Dear Koianswers Community,

    After an extremely long hiatus, I am back, this time with a newly renovated pond. I have been off the forum for so many reasons, but mostly to do with work and other commitments, that have left me very little time for my hobbies and the chat forums/communities I am involved with. Have remained in contact with some koi kichi’s though over Whatsapp and they have helped me tremendously over the past 2 weeks to complete my pond. You know who you are and I thank you profusely for your unselfish help. Your generosity and willingness to share is a testament of your being. May God bless you always.

    After contacting a number of pond builders, some who quoted me the sky and moon, others just too pushy that I was not prepared to enter into arrangements with, I finally found a fellow koi kichi who could do the job to my liking and budget, but he was just too busy and his schedule and mine just could never agree, so it was difficult to get momentum going. I then stumbled upon my neighbours contractor who is a one man show who suggested that I give him a shot as he wants to venture into pond building. In return he agreed to do all the work for me so long as I guide him with the piping and water flow mechanics, and merely pay him his daily wages. I completed the pond at 1/3 of the lowest bid I received for similar size, spec and design, so am very pleased. My journey tabulated below for your viewing pleasure. All comments most welcomed ; )

    Dimensions: - 21ft X 8ft X 3.3ft = 15,500 litres
    Pump: - 2 units 15 tonne/hr submersible pumps, 1 to operate waterfall the other for inwater return
    Hiblow: - 2 units HP60 for filter chamber and HP80 for pond via aircurtain
    Returns: - Bakki concept via waterfall and inwater return
    BD: - 2 units 4 inch BD
    SS: - 3 units SS into chamber 1
    Overflow: - in pond and chamber 1 to manage water level at 3.25ft
    Materials used: - 43 bags of cement, 46 feet of rebar, 345 red brick, 6 sets of Sika waterproofing agent, about 60 feet of pipes in various sizes

    Old pond being demolished old.jpg old 2.jpg old 3.jpg

    Pond laying rebar lay steel.jpg

    Masonary work mason work.jpg mason 2.jpg mason 3.jpg

    Completed, waterproofed and sparaying work spraying.jpg

    THE RESULT AFTER 22 days work product pond.jpg

    I am very pleased with the result. Today will be filling pond to re test flow, clean with acid, then apply pineapple followed by talapia treatment for 10 days.

    Tq for viewing and tq to all kind souls who have assisted me!

    Rgds - S
  • gerrygerry April 2013
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    Wowwee..... nice!!! :)
  • IzrulIzrul April 2013
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    (Y) (Y) (Y) ...Nice pond bro..i also would like to ask ur neigbour to build my future pond in my new home later...since the budget is OK and the works fine.
  • niveknivek April 2013
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    congrats on the new pond bro (Y) 15 - 18 ton?
  • IzrulIzrul April 2013
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    poison for TK
  • SsmannSsmann April 2013
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    Tq Sis Gerry, Bro Izrul and Bro Kevin for your kind words. It has been an eventful journey and alot of learning from me about pressure flow, directional physics, masonry work and landscaping. In 3 weeks i learnt alot.

    Pond is +/- 16 tonne bro kevin

    Bro Izrul - his name is Ady and he is very pleased with his work too. When he was digging the pond with his bare hands and cangkul alone for almost 3 days, i really pitied him. It was super tough work. I found another worker to help him to do cleaning, shovel sand/cement etc for RM60 a day, so that helped a little. But last nite after he completed all work, cleaned the area, landscaped and electrical work completed, he lit up his Gudang Garam and admired his work. I think he has just boosted his confidence and uplifted his skill. Well done Ady!
  • kwchankwchan April 2013
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    Great (Y) mind to further share more photo of the pond filter chamber?
  • HDCuHDCu April 2013
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    Congratulations. Although they say a serious hobbyist goes thru building an average of three ponds in their lifetime. First ponds are usually a garden pond where the hobbyist enter the hobby as a nice addition to their garden. The second pond is when the hobbyist start to become a more serious koi keeper. The third pond will be his masterpiece large pond even sacrificing his swimming pool or the rest of his garden. This is when the serious hobbyist yearns to grow at least a beautiful jumbo in his lifetime. :-D
    Post edited by HDCu at 2013-04-01 01:52:33 pm
  • SsmannSsmann April 2013
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    Bro HDCu, tq as I have also learnt alot from you in my early days on the forum! As per my 1st posting when i joined Koianswers, I require a balance between aesthetics and koi keeping, that has not and will not change. I won't be contemplating stages 2 and 3 anytime soon. But I can understand the logic of your statement ; )

    Bro Kwchan - I will grab more pics tonite, dont have those stored in my phone
  • HDCuHDCu April 2013
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    Bro Ssmann,

    I can see you still have a some big space left to even make a 40 ton pond. I think after years of growing much of your stock to large sizes you would then be contemplating an even bigger pond and how to convince your spouse that it is more aesthetically pleasing. hehe. :-)) :-"
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar April 2013
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    Job well done bro. Wonder when is the Talapia bakar day :-D
  • KChongKChong April 2013
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    Nice pond (Y)
  • KoiBeginnerKoiBeginner April 2013
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  • mangkellmangkell April 2013
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    Bravoo.... You are lucky your 1 man show builder has all skill, from start to finish....

    Mana itu filter foto setup.... >:/
    Mickeyko Ducati-Kujamon Chagreemon Brabus#Sexy-Robust
  • SsmannSsmann April 2013
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    bros, very sorry no post for a while. Thurs pond read good pH of 7.9 so entered kois back after a month. This am, my chagoi and showa starting dancing until mau keluar air la!! I panicked!! Little did i know they were spawning la. After about 2 hours, the water all berbuih and then a foul smell. Asked some koi kichis and was asked to change water and increase salt. When draining, found eggs on the side wall. Never had this before la.....

    Now water change, salt @ 0.4% and bac starter added. What should i do. Foul smell is there and water has lots of DOC. Readings are fine, nitrate/nitrite 0, pH 7.8, ammonia slightly present.

    Pls advise.

    I will post pics of filter and pond update soon after this headache la....

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