Ammonia poisoning
  • JoshuaChinJoshuaChin December 2010
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  • huatyhuaty December 2010
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    In my opinion, while waiting help from other sifu or special treatment arrived, I'll keep this fish under special care with S1 medication, salt to 0.5% and with lot air aeration in normal filter system to keep water clean.
  • JoshuaChinJoshuaChin December 2010
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    Bro huaty,
    this koi past away already
  • Kelvin86Kelvin86 December 2010
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    Internal bacteria disease whereby the scales all become like sand paper. Loss of mucus in the body already. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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  • ikankoikauikankoikau December 2010
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    Bro Joshua,

    Sorry to know about your lost.

    From what I can see, this koi immune system was gone. If you cx the gill, you will find that the gill has rotten. The overall skin shown lacking of oxy received which most likely due to gill rotting and low oxygen intake.
    The koi's gill plates were opened & closed too frequent which indicated suffocation.
    The colour of healthy gill is even red. If you can see any discoloration or rot, it has suffered with bacteria gill disease.

    You can get this problem from infection from other koi or the bad water quality which has destroyed the koi's immune system.

    My suggestion, cx condition of other kois as this disease can spread out very fast and you can lose the whole kois in that pond. I would treat others with Interpet or new name Blagdon Anti Ulser which treats Ulser, Bacteria Gill Disease & Dropsy. Bro Shukri has recommended this to me. I got it from Atari Koi. Or get medication from well known brand which suit the same purpose. Pp will not work well if the gill has started to rot. Further more it will reduce oxygen absorption. Don't waste your time with S1 or salt coz it won't work. Provide the tank with a lot of aeration. The tricky part, I don't dare to inject the koi with antibiotic as putting the koi under anesthetic will not guarantee it will come back due to malfunction respiration system.

    I have lost 7 kois due to this problem. I acted too slow bcoz unable to diagnose the cause. Sad to say, you might lose more if you don't act fast. Good luck bro.

    Call me if you need further explanation. 012-2878050.
  • JoshuaChinJoshuaChin December 2010
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    thx for your info bro
  • huatyhuaty December 2010
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    sorry for the lost.

    <blockquote rel="JoshuaChin">Bro huaty,
    this koi past away already</blockquote>
  • PH8PH8 December 2010
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    Quite possibly ammonia poisoning. This article is useful reading -

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