International call roamimg service
  • HWONGHWONG March 2013
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    Can anyone recommend a GOOD & CHEAP roaming service that can allow making and receiving calls.
  • JamesJames March 2013
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    Brudder, u starting spam ar? :-))
  • idrisidris March 2013
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    bro james...hahahaha...but bro hwong posted it in "non koi topics" so ok la..hahahahah :-))
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar March 2013
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    :-)) :-)) :-))
    Bro HWong,
    All communication service provides the 'Best' service during selling time but when bill comes, than it's not best anymore :-))

    Normally when I travel, I would divert my calls to my secretary and get a local number in the overseas. I still can receive SMS/Msgs in my current number. Still the best and cheap method :)
  • HWONGHWONG March 2013
    Posts: 286
    tiu... you shud know me better than that :L. I m going on a trip. In the past, kena hefty roaming charges. Impractical to buy local phone card coz need to have another phone while receiving calls(but not answering) and sms on my Msian phone number.

    I found a roaming service on internet but decided not to mention the name lest being accused of promoting the product.

    Anyone used a service like I mentioned?.

  • HWONGHWONG March 2013
    Posts: 286
    QUOTE : "I still can receive SMS/Msgs in my current number. "

    Bro Bthineshkumar,
    How do you receive SMS/Msgs in your current number when you are using oversea sim card? :-?
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar March 2013
    Posts: 1,763
    Two phone lah Bro Wong. Although a bit troublesome, but the cheapest method. Otherwise I'm going to receive calls from every tom dick and harry. Once when I was overseas, I received a call from a credit card dept promoting new scheme. banghead

    Regarding the roaming service for internet, I believe it's the service where "you use data for X amount and get the whole day free data" kind of service. I always use this method when I travel so that I can whatsapp and check KA regularly :-D
  • HWONGHWONG March 2013
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    Bro Bthineshkumar,

    OK Thks. probably the best alternative.
  • kolampkolamp March 2013
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    Use Maxis prepaid, roaming is free of charge & u can still received sms for depands on your current location usually a bit expensive from post paid but seldom use Msian line to call back to Msia since using local SIM is much cheaper to call back to Msia...but need to use 2 phone like bro TK 2 cents
  • cubercuber March 2013
    Posts: 96
    bro Hwong, is it convenience for you to use Viber or something like that kind of service?
    It's kinda free of charge if you are using it over wifi, but will be costly if you use the data plan also.
  • AnuarAnuar March 2013
    Posts: 688
    Mr Wong, maxis has a call back plan . Need to register before going abroad., with just a simple sms. cannot answer calls immediately, Scan through missed calls and only return call to those deemed important, no need codes just dial from yr phone book, but must follow their stated roaming partner.

    Or as suggested by Bro TK, get a prepaid card. I just arrived at london this morning, my wife got a prepaid data plan. She can still use whatsapp using her number and skype as well. For me, i just wait for free wifi which luckily the hotel provides. The maxis call back plan is rm4/minute.
  • HWONGHWONG March 2013
    Posts: 286
    TQ for your suggestions.
    I use maxis postpaid. D maxis call back service sounds similar to the call back service being offered. You pay Rm10 per day for unlimited in/out calls
    I wud need to get a local sim. Divert all calls to this new number. To call I need to sms them d number n wait for them to call back. Sounds cumbersome. Is it same as what u r using?
  • ShukriShukri March 2013
    Posts: 4,881
    Bro Wong,
    I am not sure whether you have already gone bet is for you to buy a prepaid card in that country........cheaper that way........
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  • HWONGHWONG March 2013
    Posts: 286
    Bro Shukri,

    Haha I woke the giant out of his slumber.. sorry lah :)
    Belum bro. trying not to carry another phone. I suppose that the best option. I am off to Sydney. Anyone can recommend a good prepaid in OZ?

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