What Type of Insect
  • khongkhong March 2013
    Posts: 144
    Hi All,

    After the pond water is released, I saw quite a number of insect around the pond, as shown in the photo. Any idea what type of insect is this? Any harm to the koi?

    The size of the insect is approximately 4mm in length.
  • lautslauts March 2013
    Posts: 1,248

    No problem i think. Looks like silk worm pupae, have you tried feeding them to the kois.

  • ta5851ta5851 March 2013
    Posts: 50
    I think this one is Predaceous Diving Beetle
  • ta5851ta5851 March 2013
    Posts: 50
    Also have few of them in my pond. But dissappeared recently after treatment of dimilin due to koi flashing.

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