Hi, I'm new here!
  • TanSriTanSri March 2013
    Posts: 20
    Hello everyone, I'm new in this forum but not in the game. I've been keeping kois for the last twenty years. However early last year my gardener accidentally spilled some fertilizer in to my pond killing all of my precious koi collection. I gave up Koi for a while, moved to monster fishes - RTC, Arapaima. Earlier this month I met my long lost relative (a member of this forum), and he introduced me to this fantastic forum. Viewing koi photos and videos posted by this forum's group members has sparked me to restart my koi collection again. Looking forward chatting, sharing experience with all members.
  • mangkellmangkell March 2013
    Posts: 1,221
    Welcome to KA Bro @TanSri,

    Pls share your new kois & your pond with us. Tq :-D
    Mickeyko Ducati-Kujamon Chagreemon Brabus#Sexy-Robust
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar March 2013
    Posts: 1,763
    Welcome to the forum Bro TanSri :)

    Pond and filter photos pls :-D
  • kominatokominato March 2013
    Posts: 408
    Welcome Welcome !
  • tswerntswern March 2013
    Posts: 132
    Welcome Tan sri!
  • TanSriTanSri March 2013
    Posts: 20
    Thank you all, I shall upload the photos when i return back to Malaysia after my heart surgery...if I survive. Cheers.
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  • smokersmoker March 2013
    Posts: 715
    Welcome to the forum Bro Tan Sri.
    Hope you enjoy the stay. Please share your pond and kois. :)
  • niveknivek March 2013
    Posts: 1,251
    Welcome welcome :-)
  • jindark12jindark12 March 2013
    Posts: 5
    welcome mate!! were the same im new here too!!! hope you'll survive :D
  • matsuda_koimatsuda_koi March 2013
    Posts: 34
    Eat Sleep Koi

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