What Trellis Cover is Good for Koi Pond
  • JSCJSC February 2013
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    Hi Bro, my current koi pond is not covered and it is located right at the edge of my roof. Planning to construct a trellis to cover the pond so I do not have high volume of rain water and roof run-off into my pond every time it rains. The rain create havoc for all my kois.. Can any one advise what is a suitable cover media for my trellis for the benifit of my kois? Glass, Polycarbonate, Orchid nets? If I use glass or polycarb, is it better to have clear or coloured (e.g. grey, brown, green). Understand sun light is good for koi but wonder how will a cover affects kois overall growth and their colours?

  • boykoiboykoi February 2013
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    Polycarbonate is good.Tempered glass even better but very expensive. There are good corrugated plastic sheets that are available in the market that are strong and aethetically pleasing, you can try those. But at any rate, get a brown or tinted roofing so as to minimize glare and too much sunlight.Dont forget to plan where to angle your roof edge, it shud lead water away from your pond and not towards it.
  • MfwleeMfwlee February 2013
    Posts: 355
    I had a similar problem a few years ago - rainwater coming off the roof and straight into the pond. Orchid nets would not work as they are porous, and the installation of solid sheets were either expensive, or too noisy.
    Solved the problem with the installation of rain gutters along the roof - and the bonus is free rain water collected in a tub for garden duties and washing the car.
    With the rain gutter - orchid netting was not a problem.
    Mike Lee

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