New owner koi required URGENT Advice
  • MikelowMikelow February 2013
    Posts: 21
    Hi all.

    My koi pond has about 4200L.
    Recently notice a couple of koi starter to scarp their body against the pond floor.
    What should I do ? Do I do a treatment bath or treat the whole pond together.
    I only have yellow power and some anti parasite powder n solution respectively.
    Just abt 3hrs ago, I did a treatment bath on the koi on a basin (22L) with air supply and
    Yellow power abt 2g with salt @1.5%.
    Those koi that scrap badly I treat abt 1hrs, the rest at 20-30mins.
    Did I get the treatment bath correct ?

    After any hour of treatment, as I return the koi back into the pond, there are 2 koi that react
    very strange (head kept shaking and body like crumbling) but after abt 1mins if seems ok.
    Does this show that there is indeed parasite in this 2 koi or I did something very very wrong.

    All sifu n senior pls advice what I should do in this type of situation.
    I am from Singapore. So any good treatment solution can recommend and where can I get them.

    Thank you all for spending time reading my mesy report.
    Hope to hear from guys if not cant sleep.........
  • koiBoykoiBoy February 2013
    Posts: 151
    Hi bro Mike,
    Your water reading is at 1.5% of salt? How many kilos of salt did u put in for treatment? That is really high! Usually for treatment is up to 0.5% which is mixed with S1 solution. You might have gave them too high dosage. My advice is to give them clean fresh water by changing water slowly and to have high airation in you pond to clean both internal and external saltiness of the fish. Sifus, correct me if I'm wrong. Keep us updated bro. Take a short video or something to let us see. Check water parameter all the time.

  • koiBoykoiBoy February 2013
    Posts: 151
    Oh yea, for your info bro, from what I know is that the highest salt reading the Japanese used are up to 0.70% percent only, that is less than half of your urgent reading. Please do fast action in order keep your kois at good condition.

  • MikelowMikelow February 2013
    Posts: 21

    I put abt 220g of salt into the 22L basin.
    So did I get the yellow powder quality correct ?
    I have been monitor till now, only 1 koi seems nervious.
    Thank you all.
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar February 2013
    Posts: 1,763
    Bro Mike,
    That's really high. I suggest u treat ur whole pond. As u only have yellow powder, put in 10g/ ton and salt at 0.5% (that's 20kg of rock salt, but dont pour all in one go, pour in every 7kg with 1 hour interval). This will temporary take care the problem. Monitor the koi and update us.
    Other recommended medication are, dimilin if its parasites (2g/ton) and SI (overall medication).
    Gud luck bro
  • MikelowMikelow February 2013
    Posts: 21
    Thks all guys !!
    U guys are really my helping stars.
    Will update u guys soon.
    If possible will upload a video.
    Any idea where I can purchase dimilin
    In Singapore ?
    Thank you again.
  • WilganWilgan February 2013
    Posts: 245
    <blockquote rel="Mikelow">Thks all guys !!
    U guys are really my helping stars.
    Will update u guys soon.
    If possible will upload a video.
    Any idea where I can purchase dimilin
    In Singapore ?
    Thank you again.</blockquote>

    Most koi farms in Singapore should have them. But not sure if they are open this few days due to CNY. I know Diamond will be closed this few days.
  • stevenong1919stevenong1919 February 2013
    Posts: 52
    I can give u some if u can't get it. Contact me at 91918319
  • MikelowMikelow February 2013
    Posts: 21
    Thank you Steven !!
    Really glad that you r so helpful.

    Just to check guyZ, I think my fish have sleeping disease.
    But not sure how the symptoms is ? I just notice some
    Fish turn side way n back to swim again. Any video that I can
    See and what treatment we can used ?

    I just change 50% of the water hope all will turn out good.
    Never knew keeping koi required so much expertise.

    Thank you all
  • niveknivek February 2013
    Posts: 1,251
    Be careful with large amount of water changes. Chlorine from freshwater and ammonia from applying anti chlorine.
  • MikelowMikelow February 2013
    Posts: 21
    Noted nivek.

    I already bowl out the 3 koi that I suspect have
    Sleeping diseases and mix with 30% water n 70%
    Pond water n leave it in door. Hope all this help.
  • MfwleeMfwlee February 2013
    Posts: 355
    How are your fish today ? Hope that everything is as should be.
    Mike Lee
  • MikelowMikelow February 2013
    Posts: 21
    Hi all.

    Thank you all guyz for all advice n some even give me a helping hand.
    Appreciate it very much.
    Thks to Steven n spencer.

    I lose. Goromo. But after all this is a good lesson learn.
  • paksengpakseng February 2013
    Posts: 42
    Hi bro Mikelow..
    How are your kois ?? Just to add to what you have already seen from other bros .....
    is your pond open to rain water ? the last few days of heavy rain cud have a big effect on the water esp if you do not have sufficient buffer like corals and shells in your filter to help counter this. I think its the pollution from the atmosphere where the raindrops collect on the way down. From my experience this causes dropsy disease (cause of lying still at bottom with fins all clamped) and if left untreated they may fly back to Japan. Using "Blagdon anti fungus and parasite" solution will help. It is a 5 day treatment and it works well without any prob with salt in your pond that you have already added. You can get them at most dealers. I get mine from Mainland Tropical fish farm at pasir ris. They also sell Dimilin in soluble form which cures your kois from itch scratching (flashing) at the pond bottom. It is like a wonder drug. Do give it a try if your kois are still having problem... Just to share..

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