Urgent: Finding Surface Skimmer
  • Kelvin86Kelvin86 February 2013
    Posts: 301
    Hi all bros out there,

    I would like to find the surface skimmer asap, hopefully before new year. Urgently need one for my customer as his pond is badly covered up by bubbles and foam.

    Please help and highly appreciate to also bros. Thank you very much.
    - Aquatic Kingdom -
  • koi88koi88 February 2013
    Posts: 54
    hi bro,
    i hv 1unit surface skimmer bought back few months ago never used it..
    interest pm me ..
    Post edited by koi88 at 2013-02-03 07:45:36 pm
  • Kelvin86Kelvin86 December 2013
    Posts: 301
    Hi bros,

    I would like to find a Jebao surface skimmer. Please give me a PM if anyone wants to let go one. Thanks a lot and appreciated. ;)
    - Aquatic Kingdom -

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