WHo else is having fungus problems
  • HWONGHWONG December 2010
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    My kois are infected with fungus, ie white coating on body and also eyes. A few kichis says its the rain! Not having any Methylene Blue, I tried using Malachite Green to no avail. I just got some Methylene blue from Akakoi. I know it is more effective with salt but salt is such a pain to use. I wud need 200kg! Anyone have successfully treated with M Blue without salt?
  • etanoetano December 2010
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    Brudder, please test the PH of your pond. I had similar experience when the PH crashed last time. S1 did the trick for me.
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  • ShukriShukri December 2010
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    Bro Hwong, I have tried with Methylene Blue before, and it worked fine. About the salt content, I am really not sure whether it was zero or near zero then. However, you can always prepare a paste and paint it on the affected body as well. I use 2 grams per ton.
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  • DRADRA December 2010
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    Hi Hee Heng
    The relatively cool weather after hot spells could potentially be the cause. Switch off the chiller if any and let the temperature rise. Malachite green Is the right treatment. A follow up treatment might be required. Worked for ne.
    All the best
  • SengChoonSengChoon December 2010
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    I have used Methylene Blue with and without salt before and both treatments were effective. In order words, you dont need to use salt if using Methylene Blue. However, if you are using Malachite Green or S1, you definitely need at least 0.3% salt (S1 - 0.5% is recommended).

    Hope the info help Bro Wong.

  • DRADRA December 2010
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    Yes Seng Choon you are right. I had the salinity @ 0.5%. I dosed the pond with MB but the problem persisted (could have been an inadequate dosage) and two weeks later used MG. I did a follow-up treatment.

    Best Regards
  • HWONGHWONG December 2010
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    Dato', Bros Elmen, Shukri, Seng Choon,

    TQ for your advices. Good to know that MB is effective without the salt. I taruh 1 dose of 2gm per ton yesterday night.

    I never had fungus until I introduced a koi I took back from a friend's place. His pond was infected by a new koi and mine was among the sufferers. The kois were all treated and well recovered and months later brought back to my pond. Within a week, my kois get infected. At that time I got help to treat with MB and 0.3% salt. It took 3 rounds to clear the fungus. Now 1 year later, fungus reappeared.

    I tend to agree that the fluctuation in water temps create stress in our kois and the fungus being opportunistic, overwhelms our kois' defences. We may never be able to eradicate totally.

  • PH8PH8 December 2010
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    Since I use chillers, fungus is a pretty common occurrence in my pond, especially the white type on the head. They thrive in cooler waters. Typically I dose MG at 0.2ppm once and it is enough to clear the fungus (it takes 2-3 days to clear though, so be patient). I have never used salt in conjunction with MG. My question is - Is the salt dose necessary to ensure the fungus infection is cleared or is the salt dosed as a buffer against nitrite spikes since MG can kill quite a lot of the good bacteria in the filter? From what I was told, a single dose of 0.2% MG is not so lethal to the filter (it will rebound pretty quickly), but dosing this 2 days in a row could wipe out almost all the good bacteria. I have never dosed 2 days in a row though.
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  • farikfarik December 2010
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    Bro paul,
    I believe that MG alone is enough to wipe out the fungus as it has a strong antifungal activity and thus doesn't need salt but you're right to be patient as fungus needs time to be eradicated and can rejuvenate if the spores are not wiped out totally.I sometimes apply pp directly to the fungal areas and it will go off but it takes 2 to 3 applications.
  • PH8PH8 December 2010
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    Thanks Bro Farik. Yes, sometimes when the fungus on the head gets too serious, I will do topical PP too. Because sometimes a serious infection can leave scars which can be quite unsightly on the head.
  • pohbengpohbeng December 2010
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    Bro...check the pH. maybe pH too high, the koi will produce a coat of slime that looks like fungus.
    If fungus, try PP. :D
  • ckleecklee January 2014
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    sorry to ask, wht is PP??
  • niveknivek January 2014
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    Potassium permanganate
  • ckleecklee January 2014
    Posts: 85
    Thks Sifu!!

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