Trive Montmo Clay, Refresh Porder and TDS Value
  • areef1985areef1985 January 2013
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    Dear sifu and expert

    I just thinking about some matter which very annoying in my mind. These matter connected about Montmo clay, refresh porder and TDS Value. According to the info which i got from browsing and look at the contains about Montmo clay and refresh porder, these product contains Calcium, Magnesium and etc. In the other words, if we are using this product, the TDS value at water would be increase. That's mean the increase of TDS Value would be Harming our water?? Whether this statement false or true?? Thank You.
  • niveknivek January 2013
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    Think you can find some of your answers in this thread :
  • smokersmoker January 2013
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    Hi Brother Arif :)

    While waiting for sifus to comment, let me try to convey my opinion,

    TDS is a reading of everything that is dissolved into the water in PPM, includes carbonates, bicarbonates, calcium, magnesium and other metal and mineral contents such as salt, manganese, organic compounds etc...

    So with clay, the tds will increase too, but then, i believe the good clay with higher content of Calcium Bentonite will raise the tds within very minimal value. I used to use refresh before, and it never raise the tds significantly, if i'm not mistaken probably around 5-10 ppm. And by few days of routine water change, the tds will go down again.

    And i think high TDS will be hazardous for our kois, if it's contents of pollutants, while increased TDS value when we put salt or clay should be ok.

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  • niveknivek January 2013
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    Agree with bro Smoker on the small increase in TDS when using clay. Salt on the other hand increases your TDS significantly. Just an example, I've never salted my pond before and my TDS hovers around 40. However when I salted 0.5% few weeks back, my TDS jumped to 180ppm. banghead
  • lautslauts January 2013
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    Bro Arif,

    What bro smoker mention is how i understand it too (Y), well explained . I think the confusion comes abt as TDS is used generally as a measure of water pollution level too. Actually it is what causes the TDS to increase that matters not just high/ low TDS.

  • areef1985areef1985 January 2013
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    oo so.. the conclusion is... it's true that montmo or refresh would be raising the TDS Value, but in small value. And it would be decrease with doing routine water change.

    because i never have experience on it, so i asking first from our sifu.....

    thank you


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